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Music in the Telegram — where to look for and how to listen it

It seems that Pavel Durov has decided to strike the next blow to the competitors: but as otherwise it… more →

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Telegram library TDLib – a new tool for developers

At the end of 2017, Pavel Durov said that at the beginning of 2018, the Telegram community waits for… more →

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Manual: how to sell and buy the channel in the Telegram

Contents: 1. Reasons to buy a Telegram-channel, and what to do with it next. 2. Where to look for… more →

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Telegram launches cryptocurrency: Telegram ICO – truth or rumors?

The developers of Telegram promise to release an important update in the beginning of 2018. On the basis of… more →

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Pavel Durovʼs bankroll. How much money does he really have?

It is said that there is no upside to counting other people’s money. However, how is it possible to… more →

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Pavel Durovʼs private life. Who is the founder of Telegram dating?

Pavel Durov is a closed book, in some way. In 2014, he sold out his share of ʺVKontakteʺ and… more →

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How to create a delayed post in Telegram

Authors of Telegram channels often have to deal with unpleasant situations where their material is already ready to be… more →

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Telegram secrets that you didn’t know about – 5 useful features for convenient communication

The audience of the Pavel Durovʼs messenger is growing at a quick pace owing to high application security and… more →

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How to change Telegram color – new possibilities for interface themes

If compared with other messengers, Telegram is distinguished by its minimalistic interface which attracts users tired of extremely bright… more →

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Telegraph – a service for formatting and publishing text in Telegram

In the end of November 2016, a team of the Telegram messenger’s developers introduced a new service for online… more →

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