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Ban in Telegram – how to block an unwanted user

A necessity in blocking any contact arises for several reasons: a person has no respect or locks horns with… more →

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Where to find and how to save a photo received through Telegram

A suitable photo sometimes speaks louder than words. Along with methods of searching and adding images into a chat,… more →

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Telegram errors: parameters, main categories, examples

When working with Telegram messenger, the users sometimes receive notifications which are indicative of some particular problem. Telegram errors… more →

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How to copy a link in Telegram for inviting users to a chat, a group or a channel

Each group chat and a channel have their own URL address which can be sent to friends from Telegram… more →

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How to send GIFs in Telegram: advanced features

The developers of Telegram have made a present for GIF-lovers by significantly improving the given functionality. In this article,… more →

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How to create a poll in Telegram: bots for setting up a functional

Social network queries and polls are actively used for solving various tasks: receiving feedback on some particular product, determining… more →

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How to view and delete history in Telegram

Pavel Durovʼs service is positioned as the most secure messenger providing clients with maximum privacy during the communication process…. more →

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Telegram commands to manage bots

Robots (bots, chatbots) are automated accounts which make it easier to solve lots of tasks while working with a… more →

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Telegram subscribers: how to join a channel and the reasons for doing this

Telegram channels are practically analogous to VK publics. However, they have several peculiarities you need to know about. The… more →

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Telegram guide: the main aspects of working with a messenger

Telegram is a free messenger for smartphones, tablets and PCs which was developed by the Digital Fortress Company founded… more →

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