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Telegram vs Viber – comparison of two popular messengers

In order to carry out a comparative analysis of two applications, evaluation criteria should be based on the most… more →

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Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram – new tendencies in the world of communication

The active development of the smartphone market and mobile internet availability contributed to the rapid growth of messengers’ popularity…. more →

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Telegram Supergroups: the process of creation and distinguishing features

For the purpose of bringing lots of interlocutors together in one dialogue, the developers of a well-known messenger proposed… more →

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Telegram vs WhatsApp – which service is better

Beyond all doubt, WhatsApp is a real giant among modern messengers. However, currently, it has a worthy competitor –… more →

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The realization of Telegram data encryption process and its difference from other messengers

Regardless of the fact that the messenger designed by Pavel Durov was launched long after its main competitors such… more →

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