Telegram library TDLib – a new tool for developers

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Telegram library TDLib

At the end of 2017, Pavel Durov said that at the beginning of 2018, the Telegram community waits for three serious enough updates. The first of them has already went out – it’s the open Telegram library TDLib. It’s a powerful multifunctional tool that provides third-party developers with ample opportunities to create their own services.


Preconditions for creating the Telegram Database Library

The market of cryptocurrency is increasing their positions every day. The rapid growth of Bitcoin course forced to take seriously the new player on the world currency space, even the skeptics. Pavel Durov decided don’t stay away from this process and began to think about creating his own blockchain platform, that can be read in more detail here.


The problem is: Pavel hasn’t got a lot of resources, primarily human ones, in order to simultaneously develop updates for the messenger and the implementation of the crypto currency. His team consists of only 15 developers who can’t be torn between several serious projects, while leaving the quality at the same level. To switch to the development of the blockchain-platform, while preserving the competitiveness of the messenger, it was decided to give the development of the application to third-party developers.


TDLib - a new tool for developers
A difficult choice: to develop the Telegram further, or throw all the forces into the blockchain project?


Previously, unofficial clients could wait for several weeks, or even months, until the source code of the latest updates becomes available for them. For example, the call function was very expected, but for a long time it didn’t appear in the API.


With the appearance of open Telegram library, developers have the opportunity to use the new functionality almost in real time. Now everyone can create an alternative version of the Telegram, which won’t concede to the official application in the capabilities. Third-party developers have at their order the open source library in which fully documented methods and interfaces are available, also realised an encryption and data storage. So, they can devote their time to developing their own unique functions to attract new users and also to surpass the original service.


For example, in one of the unofficial clients Plus Messenger there are interesting options: you can forward messages without specifying the author’s name; the separation of accounts by tabs into personal, channels, and bots were introduced for a long time ago. Due to these features, Plus Messenger has a large active audience. You can monetize your project without losing your time for repeating of existing functions. Therefore the motivation of programmers which not included in the Telegram team will increase significantly. And it’s possible, that due to this the new unique opportunities can appears in the messenger.


What possibilities does Telegram library TDLib provide?


Possibilities of Telegram library TDLib
With the widest possibilities of TDLib, your Telegram will become whatever you want


The fact that the Telegram Database Library will greatly simplify the creation of client services for messaging will become clear after time, when developers will actively use the new tool. Nevertheless, It’s already known, how wide the possibilities of TDLib are:

  • Cross-platform. When you use the library, you can create clients for any platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, watchOs and other operating systems. It is compatible with any C-like programme language, and for Java and C# there are built-in bindings.
  • Detailed documentation. All internal interfaces, classes and methods are fully documented, and the source code is freely available on GitHub.
  • Asynchrony and optimization. The library allows to develop high-performance applications. Due to a fully asynchronous algorithm, queries don’t block each other, if there are too many of them – each TDLib can process up to 18,000 bots at the same time.
  • Security and stability. Naturally, special attention was paid to the issue of security. All data are encrypted with the user’s encryption key, so access to information from third parties is excluded. In addition, TDLib is absolutely not demanding on the speed and reliability of the Internet connection, and it’s working stably in different conditions.


Now don’t be afraid of the messenger blocking


Don't be afraid of Telegram blocking
Any blocks now aren’t scary.


At 1st February an unpleasant surprise were waiting for Telegram-users – the application ceased to be available in the AppStore. It turned out later, the messenger was blocked due to inappropriate content. Although the problem was resolved within 14 hours, many users wondered: what will happen if the blockage will be longer? With the coming of an open database library, there is no need to worry about this. Now each developer can create his own messenger which, perhaps, not only won’t concede to the official application, but by some criterions will be the best choice for a particular user.

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