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Buy Telegram cryptocurrency. Collecting of requests
Buy Telegram tokens

Buy Telegram cryptocurrency (ICO)

Telegram messenger is preparing for the ICO. The minimum investment amount is 20 million dollars. Leave a request to take part in the group purchase of tokens and to get a share proportionate to your investment. There hasn’t been an official announcement of the start date of sales, but we want to prepare in advance. Join now!
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Please note: we don’t collect money, only preliminary requests for participation!


  More about Telegram Open Network
The most popular messenger
The most popular messenger
Clear business model
Clear business model
The most progressive and fastest blockchain
The most progressive and fastest blockchain
Safe: trusted by over 200 million users
Safe: trusted by over 200 million users
Best developers and technologies
Best developers and technologies
The main space of the crypto-community
The main space of the crypto-community

To take part in the purchase of Telegram cryptocurrency

Recently it became known that Pavel Durov plans to release the crypto-currency Gram, which will be built into the messenger. It can also be used outside the application. The blockchain system will be called TON (Telegram Open Network).

According to analysts’ forecasts, the cost of tokens has a chance to grow 10 times. Therefore it’s better to buy them one of the first. Sale of Telegram tokens will be produced according to the Pre ICO scheme. Pre-ICO or Pre-Sale involves attracting investments before the official start of the ICO.

In order to buy tokens first, send proposal right now. And we will contact you when Pavel Durov makes an official announcement.  

Telegram ICO in numbers:

  • The planned volume of the emission of tokens: 5 billion GRAM;
  • 52% of coins will be frozen to avoid price speculation, 4% of coins will be are reserved for developers and 44% available for sale;
  • To buy one Telegram token you need $ 1.20 – it’s a starting price;
  • The ICO is scheduled for March 2018.

How to buy Telegram cryptocurrency
Blockchain platform TON will be finally launched in 2021


  Only large investors and companies will be able to buy Telegram’s cryptocurrency, because the minimum amount of investments is large, and amounts to 20 million USD. Ordinary investors are invited to join in groups to accumulation the minimum amount, and divide the shares according to the amount of investment.

Fill out the form by starting a bot @TONclubBot. Indicate how much you are willing to invest. We will contact you when the necessary number of investors will be collected.

Development plan of TON platform
Plan for the development of the TON platform involves the creation of a blockchain system, the emission of coins and the launch of wallets in Telegram


Key features of the TON platform

  • Gram coins can be used both inside the messenger and on any marketplaces;
  • The full-featured payment system with its own electronic purses;
  • Processing speed – several million transactions per second;
  • Reliable and secure data storage using a proxy;
  • Unlimited scalability of the system due to the “multi blockchain” technology.

Pros and cons

Before you buy Telegram ICO, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

  • The opportunity to earn on the growth of the price of coins Gram;
  • Using the fastest and most innovative blockchain platform;
  • Participation in the most expected and large-scale ICO.
  • The mining of additional tokens is not provided;
  • Telegram can be blocked by the government.
Buy Telegram cryptocurrency:
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