⚠️ Advertising Post on the Channel message from Legit Community

⚠️Advertising Post on the Channel⚠️

New Pre-Sale: MyCryptoCity

📌 The private sale whitelist is closing on December 10.
📌 Those who did not appear in the draw will continue for the Strategic sale.
📌 Winners will be removed from the ranking.

Tokens that are not received will be transferred to the public sale,
Everyone will be given a chance to be fair,
Those with higher mission points will have higher priority.

📖 Details will be announced as time approaches.

❗️ Do not contact anyone, sales will be made entirely on the website.
❗️ If someone wants money from you via private DMs or mail, block them.
❗️ Check the website links you entered.
❗️ Access all channels from the website if possible.

⭐️ https://mycryptocity.net/
⭐️ https://twitter.com/MyCrypto_City
⭐️ https://mycryptocity.medium.com
⭐️ https://t.me/MyCryptoCityChat
⭐️ https://t.me/mycryptocity

Disclaimer: Not financial advice ⚠️ DYOR ⚠️ Remember that investing is always a high risk ‼️ Be sure to do your own research on the project. Remember that all responsibility lies only with you.
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