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2021-05-07 20:24:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-07 20:24:02
🌐 PayPal's crypto roadmap got really great results | 5% raise in PayPal's shares

🔊 PayPal's president and CEO, Dan Schulman said that he believes crypto and central bank digital currencies will be a driving force in forging “a more equitable financial system.”

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-07 18:23:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-07 18:23:02
🌐 Hester Peirce: Previous SEC Crypto Guidance 'Pretty Unwieldy'

🔊 SEC Commissioner Peirce believes that enforcement actions are not the way to regulate the crypto industry.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-07 09:23:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-07 09:23:02
🌐 Bears all against Bulls | Bulls have advantages though market is balanced

🔊 Bitcoin bulls have a $104 million advantage leading into Friday's $1.1 billion options expiry, but a favorable close depends on BTC price reaching $60,000.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-07 06:39:13
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-07 06:39:13
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2021-05-07 06:39:13 HeyGuys ready for my secret ultra low cap gem recommendation:

📌Mandala Exchange (MDX).📌

This exchange is totally backed by Binance. Same developpers, same trading pairs and also SAFU. Their beta app just came out a few weeks ago and price is starting to take off. Im already using the app. So similar to Binance!

Reason to invest in MDX is that the Mandala Exchange is hosted on the Binance Cloud and powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Don't wait when MDX will become mainstream.🚀🚀🚀 Buy a lot when the price is extremely low.
Currently around 0.40 Cents.

This will be the next BNB.

Here an overview about the impressive $MDX Mandala Exchange Token.

MANDALA EXCHANGE (MDX token)- The 1st Private Exchange powered by BINANCE CLOUD.

While TOKO is also powered by BINANCE CLOUD, but owned by Binance to focus on Indonesian market, Mandala is TRULY INTERNATIONAL Exchange that is LIVE already, with a Fully Compliant US exchange launch planned for Q4 2021

Why A'm I extremely Bullish on MDX:
▪️ Has the Largest/Deepest liquidity in the market
▪️ HAS THE LOWEST FEES (only 50% of Binance fees) for the LARGEST LIQUIDTY on the Market
▪️ Has Highest Security backed by Binance and Mandala teams
▪️ Funds are SAFU with Binance Wallet architecture
▪️ Has ALL the pairs on Binance and UNIQUE Pairs Only available on Mandala
▪️ FUTURES/Hummingbot/Margin all launching in Q2 (likely early May)
▪️ INTERNATIONAL exchange currently LIVE and US Exchange launch planned for Q4 2021

BUY MDX Direct from Mandala Exchange with Usdt pair.


Registration without KYC is possible.

OR buy on Uniswap

You can withdraw token to your erc20 wallet than.
Binance listing is guaranteed since they are exclusive partners.

Current Price: 0,40 Cent
My target: +10$ minimum easily
Time: within 6 month

To show you my full transparency: I invested myself $250k (at 0.35-0.4$) and Im ready to throw in the same again if we dip.
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2021-05-07 06:39:12 Dear friend ,

as a "THANK YOU" for your many years of strong support, this is one of the most promising signals from my VIP group.

Each of you should take a closer look at the following diamond and also read the following article carefully and recognize the value of this token.

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📌Lost GEM in a Sea of Shitcoins.📌

I would be happy if you use my registration link to register.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions @SamInCrypto.

Here is the VIP Signal 👇 Feel free to share with Friends and Family.

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2021-05-06 16:56:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-06 16:56:02
🌐 South Korean poll results: Majority supports crypto tax law

🔊 According to a report by The Korea Herald, 53.7% of the 500 participants polled by South Korea survey firm Realmeter expressed support for the crypto tax law coming into effect in January 2022.

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2021-05-06 10:56:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-06 10:56:02
🌐 Half of the Bitcoin network is ready to activate Taproot!

🔊 According to the Cointelegraph, about half of the Bitcoin network, which is one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools, has announced their readiness to activate Taproot.

🔊 Taproot activation improves scalability and privacy for Bitcoin.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-06 09:56:02
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-06 09:56:02
🌐 Digital Currency Group buying $750M in GBTC Shares | Will SEC approve Bitcoin ETF?

🔊 Digital Currency Group is ramping up its investments into Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust, just as the trust runs into hot water.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-05 23:01:04
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-05 23:01:04
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2021-05-05 20:45:03
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-05 20:45:03
🌐 Spartan Protocol hacked | SPARTA price drops 30%

🔊 Spartan Protocol, a liquidity platform for synthetic assets on the Binance Smart Chain, was drained of $30 million in a coordinated attack on its liquidity pool late Saturday.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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2021-05-05 17:45:01
Picture 1 from Blockchain Crypto Bitcoin 2021-05-05 17:45:01
🌐 eBay exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions | Simplifying payment process

🔊 Major online marketplace eBay will be pursuing crypto payment options for its customers along with exploring ways to introduce nonfungible tokens on the platform.

💎 @Blockchain_Crypto_Bitcoin
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