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"Bot Updates" Telegram Channel

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The team that makes life better with using bots.

Here are some of made by us: @ControllerBot, @LivegramBot, @CommentsBot, @MediaUploaderBot, ect.

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2021-02-21 21:01:39
Picture 1 from Bot Updates 2021-02-21 21:01:39
Livegram Bot is 4 years old! 🎉

We are very proud that our project has reached the big mark of 1 million connected bots by this date as well as has recently been updated and improved by our team. We wish @LivegramBot to achieve new records and continue to provide Telegram users with the ability to create feedback bots for free!
8.9K viewsOleg 🦊
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2021-02-07 23:51:07 We have scaled up our resources for @LivegramBot and increased the speed of receiving and sending messages in connected bots. Now they are flying away in both directions instantly 🚀
13.7K viewsOleg 🦊
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2021-01-20 15:03:01
Almost 3 years have passed since the launch of @LivegramBot. By its 3rd birthday, the project has reached a new mark of 1,000,000 connected bots. Over the years, nearly 100 million users have used bots, and over 500 million messages have been sent and received through these bots. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who uses our platform. All of you individually had a significant part with us in this achievement.
27.2K viewsOleg 🦊
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2020-09-16 19:04:01
Hooray! Nearly 300 million messages in @LivegramBot have been sent by 60 million users via 500,000 connected bots. But we want to make this post not only about the numbers, but also about people thanks to whom these numbers were achieved.

This is all of you who use our platform and spread the word about it. This is us who developed this service and support it with no charge. Finally, this is the Telegram team that made it all possible. You inspire us to create new products and improve the existing ones. Thank you! 💙
43.4K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊
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2020-06-02 18:05:23
Introducing @ReactBot – this bot can automatically attach reactions and comment button to channel posts with flexible customization.
41.0K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊, edited  
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2020-04-28 23:50:10 Today we celebrate 4 years of @ControllerBot.

Thanks to the great Telegram community, it has become the most popular bot for creating posts and recently reached unbelievable marks of 500,000 connected channels and 1 billion reactions.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who uses our bot to manage their wonderful channels that make Telegram an even better place for all us. Thank you!
22.3K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊
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2020-04-10 18:09:31 We have improved working of scheduled and self-destructing messages and performance overall. The bug when the same message could be sent twice is destructed as well.
12.8K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊
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2020-03-25 13:34:48
Today, Controller Bot has achieved 500,000 connected channels. But channels can't exist without their creators, so this achievement also belongs to those many people who use our tools to create posts for their blogs and projects in Telegram everyday. Thank you for that!

Speaking about the posts, it could also be mentioned that Controller Bot has sent more than 50 million posts to various channels with audiences from around the world. And regarding the most popular tool in our bot: the number of reactions that were selected by 50 million people has reached an incredible 1 billion.
25.0K viewsThe Controller Bot
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2020-03-23 19:04:04
Picture 1 from Bot Updates 2020-03-23 19:04:04
More than 3 years have passed since the launch of @LivegramBot. During this time, 300,000 bots were connected to our platform. Today we would like to insight you some statistics and numbers.

Over 30 million users from around the world have sent 120 million messages via connected bots for all the time. It's about 350k messages per day and 1.5M active users for the last month. Thank you!
19.6K viewsThe Controller Bot
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2020-03-16 11:30:50 After a year of the Controller Web launch, this 26th of March, we are closing this project.

Posts per day in the web version decreased by 99% in relation to posts created via the bot. Therefore, we are decided to stop supporting and developing the Controller Web.

Thanks for all your support and feedback, and all the fish! 🐬
8.0K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊
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2020-03-11 19:04:01
Picture 1 from Bot Updates 2020-03-11 19:04:01
Now you can purchase ads to reach the audience of our projects – @CommentsBot, @LivegramBot, @tfbot and @BotUpdates. It's more than 5,000,000 active Telegram users from over the world.

Browse cases, learn the ad terms and conditions, view the prices and submit your order here – @SecretshipAdsBot.
18.5K viewsThe Controller Bot
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2019-11-27 10:45:27 Changes in the adding channels system

Admins used to be unable to add a channel in @ControllerBot after giving it to a new owner or deleting an account that had added the channel earlier.

Now, if you’re the owner or administrator of the channel that has already been added in @ControllerBot, you can add it repeatedly provided that the previous administrator or channel managing bot isn’t the administrator.
6.3K viewsOleg Oskolsky 🦊
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2019-10-22 20:37:55
Picture 1 from Bot Updates 2019-10-22 20:37:55
We've updated the design of @CommentsBot.
23.6K viewsThe Controller Bot
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