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New York Times best-selling author. Founder of @BlexitAmerica organization. Black people don’t have to be Democrats— still.



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2021-05-07 18:39:05 I’m glad people are finally being encouraged to speak about vaccination reactions.

I know 3 young women who received the Pfizer vaccine and have not had a regular menstruation cycle since.

No official “scientific” explanation from their doctors and they are worried.

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2021-05-07 18:24:20 I find it odd that India is facing a “second variant” of Covid and is being ravaged— but its next door and more populous neighbor China— the place where the virus began— is absolutely fine.

China has benefited tremendously from the Coronavirus while its enemies have suffered.

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2021-05-06 21:59:31 Biden’s Department of Justice is completely out of line in interfering in with Arizona’s audit.
What we are seeing here is a level of election corruption known only in third world countries.

If you didn’t cheat, why would you ever work to stop an audit of votes?

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2021-05-06 21:54:25 Wait... Biden just authorized the Department of Justice to interfere on the Arizona election audit??

Democrats are positively shameless about what they did during the 2020 election.


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2021-05-06 19:49:36 Masking children is not “trusting the science”.

It’s psychological child abuse.

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2021-05-06 19:13:04 Democrats (who have to cheat to win elections) are upset that Ron Desantis has signed a voting bill that will restrict voting.

They are correct.

He is restricting voting to American citizens that are of legal age and have identification to prove it.

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2021-05-05 21:34:06 Yes. Everybody should make an account on Parler.

Starting next week they will have a brand new app as well.

Twitter and Facebook are Fascist companies— we should all begin slowly migrating away from their platforms.

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2021-05-05 19:34:18 Democrats are losing their collective mind about Arizona.
You know it’s bad when Twitter is trying to brace the world for impact with headlines like “here’s why the results of the forensic audit can’t be trusted”.

In other words: even if we get caught it doesn’t matter.

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2021-05-05 17:27:34 Top channels to join on Telegram 🇺🇸

[May 5, 2021]

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2021-05-04 20:08:06
Picture 1 from Candace Owens 2021-05-04 20:08:06
Here is why I love Trump, unapologetically.

Some of the republicans and conservatives you follow are not what they seem to be behind closed doors. They have assistants and interns running their social media pages and when you set up an interview them, their “team” hands you a list of questions you aren’t allowed to ask them.

Not Donald Trump.

He is exactly who he says he is. He came on the show this week and his team gave us ZERO notes regarding what we could or could not say.

He is electric but most importantly—he refuses to be transformed or managed into someone that he isn’t.

Kanye West has the same spirit.
It is why I am inspired by them both.

It takes a lot of courage to be who you are when the entire world and the mainstream media wants you to bend the knee to their motives.

This was a riveting interview and I asked him everything— no holds barred.

Trust me: you’re not going to want to miss this. Especially his answer to my question about 2024...

Head to DailyWire.com/Subscribe
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2021-05-04 19:44:58 Tonight! I interview President @real_DonaldJTrump and get some surprising answers from him about whether he is going to run in 2024. Big scoop on @thecandaceshow! Head to https://t.co/VkDeZtVgf6 https://t.co/78fWlReToS
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2021-05-04 03:31:15 It was an honor and a thrill to interview President @real_DonaldJTrump this afternoon! I hope you all tune in tomorrow night at 9pm ET over at the Daily Wire for a very special episode of @TheCandaceShow!
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2021-05-04 00:19:42 We are such an embarrassing country under Biden.
Somewhere in the world, Kim Jung Un and Putin are having a real laugh at our CIA.

Please bring your father back so we can be taken seriously again on the world stage.
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