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New York Times best-selling author. Founder of @BlexitAmerica organization. Black people don’t have to be Democrats— still.



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2021-06-26 19:32:09 Incredible!
Half a million people marching through London rejecting the totalitarian reach of government seeking to force vaccinate its citizens. One sign reads
“The only thing mutating are the lies”.

The people are awake.
Covid isn’t the threat.
Propaganda & Big Pharma are. https://twitter.com/reformparty_uk/status/1408804882002423815

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2021-06-24 05:46:57 Whoever was behind this— family members, judges, and doctors included— should be forced into federal prison.

For 13 years, exactly.


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2021-06-22 01:02:41 The amount of money the federal government has stolen from the American taxpayer under the guise of “Covid-19 relief” is criminal.

The federal and corporate abuse tactics being used to coerce people into getting the non-fda approved vaccine is perhaps even more criminal.

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2021-06-22 00:42:36 Or which federal agents and mysterious pipe bombs we should expect to be planted throughout the “violent insurrectionist” Trump rallies going forward. https://twitter.com/jackposobiec/status/1406791709682511873

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2021-06-20 16:58:32
Picture 1 from Candace Owens 2021-06-20 16:58:32
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2021-06-20 05:40:26
Listen to this special message from Mike Lindell. He’s a fighter and deserves support from Patriots as he fights the mob. His products really are the best. Use code PRAY45 at MyPillow.com and please share this video with your friends.
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2021-06-20 01:30:52 Your wish was my command.
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2021-06-20 01:10:49 Marxism is a theory.
Critical race theory is a euphemism for that theory.
Socialism is its transitory economic state that Marxist theory teaches will turn a capitalist state into communist one where everything is owned by the state. https://twitter.com/lifesafeast/status/1406198502242258947

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2021-06-20 00:50:47
Picture 1 from Candace Owens 2021-06-20 00:50:47
Walked into Whole Foods today & all of the black employees were masked whereas most of the white employees weren’t. Asked a black man taking out the trash why & he said unless they show proof of vaccination they had to mask.
Felt really Jim Crow.

The entrance sign was ironic:

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2021-06-19 18:50:18 Somebody told me that Rachel Maddow and Alex Jones are the same person, flipped.
Rachel Maddow tells her audience conspiracy theories, but makes them sound like the truth.
Alex Jones tells the truth, but makes it sound like a conspiracy theory.


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2021-06-19 16:41:43 Weird how quickly the mainstream media was able to pull together a daily death counter for Covid-19, but they just can’t seem to compile the data as efficiently for vaccine deaths and reactions.

Almost like they had an agenda to terrify people into compliance.

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2021-06-19 05:20:54 Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau both work for the Chinese Communist Party.

Of that there can be no doubt.

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