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2021-02-28 04:39:25 I literally wrote the book on it. The Democrat party is what is plaguing black and brown people in this country.

Anymore stupid questions?
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2021-02-26 06:49:13 Yes, actually.
Biden is working to pass a 1.9 trillion dollar “Covid relief” package of which just 9% will go to the American people for covid relief.

The rest will go to Democrats’ special interests bc they know their voters won’t read the fine print.
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2021-02-26 02:04:08 All people who suffer from gender dysphoria (and all other DSM-V listed psychiatric disorders) have a right to live as they choose, so long as they do not trample over the rights of others in the process.

Currently, transgender policies are trampling over the rights of women.
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2021-02-26 01:54:22 Acknowledging the biological reality of two genders is not “anti-trans”—it’s basic science.

Routine attempts by deluded trans lobbyists to effectively erase womanhood by polluting our sports and forcing woke terminology like “chest-feeding” is where the real hate lies. https://t.co/7HdpsGJI3X
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2021-02-25 21:59:34 I won’t be sending my children to any government-run schools. It’s time for parents to seriously consider home-schooling.

They are mass producing “woke” activist children who can’t do basic math or write a proper sentence.

Racism, hate, and anger are now the academic standard.
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2021-02-23 22:19:26 The reason our media (which is propaganda for the elites) aggressively attacks Ron Desantis’ winning approach to Covid-19 is because it becomes harder to convince the rest of the country that totalitarian control is necessary for “safety” if Florida remains free and happy.
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2021-02-23 22:14:10 I also warned (a year ago) they’d begin pushing for vaccine passports for us to “return to normal” (a tread toward a surveillance state) and that infection rates would magically plummet immediately after the election.

I either had a crystal ball or this was all common sense.
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2021-02-23 22:09:40 A year ago, common sense people like me were called “conspiracy theorists” when we warned:

-it was never going to be 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

-the vaccine was not going to give you your freedoms back.

-the rich were transferring unlimited wealth and power to themselves.

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2021-02-23 22:04:34 I love the corporate scam of companies like Amazon and Uber telling you to “support small businesses” by ordering from their apps which are drowning small businesses with delivery fees.

Want to support small businesses? Demand they be allowed to open at full capacity.
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2021-02-23 02:54:35 Harry Shearer isn’t black. In other news, Ellen Degeneres isn’t a fish named Dory and Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t drown on the Titanic in 1912.
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2021-02-19 23:34:29 If a corporate company sent around a training kit instructing black people how to “be less black”, the world would implode and lawsuits would follow.

I genuinely hope these employees sue Coca Cola for blatant racism and discrimination.
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2021-02-19 20:38:17 Candace Owens pinned «You guys!! T minus 8 days until my first book FINALLY hits stands. Here’s a little teaser regarding my favorite chapter: ON SLAVERY» Open / Comment