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2021-03-04 03:10:21 — Biden on White House live stream:


“I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do Nance, whatever you want me to do.”

Nance = Nancy Pelosi?

Is Biden really a senile puppet and following orders from the U.S. speaker of the House?

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2021-03-04 03:08:23
BIDEN: "I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do..." Then, White House feed cut.

@disclosetv @disclosetv_chat
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2021-03-03 21:48:45 — JUST IN:

White House spokesperson Psaki:

United States will respond strongly if investigation shows Iranian involvement in Ayn Assad attack.

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2021-03-03 21:33:31 🇺🇸🇮🇶-BREAKING: A U.S. contractor died when at least 10 rockets slammed into an air base housing U.S. and other coalition troops in Iraq, the Pentagon said. The Pentagon said the contractor “suffered a cardiac episode while sheltering” and died shortly later. (AP)

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2021-03-03 16:28:29 Early symptoms of breast cancer have been showing up in women who have received the Pfizer vaccine, doctors in Utah have discovered.

Full story: https://www.fox13now.com/news/coronavirus/local-coronavirus-news/new-mammogram-guidelines-for-women-recently-vaccinated-for-covid-19

Imagine if Iran was run by West-toxified technocrats instead of a wise leader with insight like Imam Khamenei.

H/T @RedPilledReality

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2021-03-02 14:57:56 Note to the reader, if you have just eaten a meal please close your phone immediately and re-open this post after digesting.

Iran is not going to bring down Western civilization. Western civilization is already bringing itself down. It's time for Western governments to focus on their own internal crises instead of trying to take part in the global Zionist war on Iran that they most certainly will lose in.

Full story: https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/poly-throuple-makes-history-3-dads-on-a-birth-certificate/ 🤢🤮

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2021-03-01 22:25:53
'We are alive because of pure luck. Nobody should've survived these attacks.'

- American soldier who experienced the Iranian Missile Attack on the American Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq.

It's really ridiculous to believe that such an attack with this amount of destruction, left no casualties. Transferring "injured" soldiers to Jordan by night, could say alot.

🌹 @AxisOfResistanceAnalysis 🌹
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2021-03-01 22:17:24 — BREAKING: Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over Jazan

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2021-03-01 14:01:59 Some thoughts, take with a grain of salt: Iran usually owns up to what it does. If Iran doesn't own up to this, this increases the likelihood of it being a false flag. That is the specialty of Mossad, after all. However, unlike some internet analysts, we…
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2021-03-01 08:26:40
‏This is Congressman Al Green in the video speaking to a ZIONIST audience at AIPAC with anti-Iran rhetoric and pledging allegiance to Apartheid Israel. Recently this same speaker was invited to address the Shia Muslim community at the “IMAM ALI CONFERENCE” showcasing an elaborate line up of well known speakers organised by UMAA, Ahlulbayt TV and Sayed Jawad Qazwini. These types of events are clearly being used as an outfit to project an “Establishment Islam”, that seeks to further the interests of western governments through the Muslim community. This is what Ayatollah Khamenei has termed American and British Islam. @themartyrs
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2021-03-01 02:41:44 — Donald Trump:

"We will first take back the House and then a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House.

I wonder who that will be!"

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2021-03-01 01:32:07 — Former President Donald Trump:

“I may decide to beat the Democrats a 3rd time in 2024.”

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2021-03-01 01:29:47 — Former U.S. President Donald Trump:

“I have no plans to create a new political party. That was fake news.”

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