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2021-04-10 05:55:43 What is this channel all about?
This channel aims to expose carcinogens in our daily lives that the government & media have assured us are safe despite these substances leaving a trail of carnage in the wake of (((their))) deceit.

Over the coming days/weeks/months I will be staking out grocery stores & looking into the ingredients in many of our favorite "healthy" foods! We'll look into the science behind these so called "safe additives" and put their claims under intense scrutiny.

If you have any submissions or suggestions please message @OnlyGodIsRight

Additionally, I do not intend to bring you solely bad news - I will also be posting a lot about nutrition & leading a synthetic-chemical free life.

Godspeed & good luck fellow Goyim!
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2021-04-10 05:43:07
Picture 1 from 🌲🌲 Eco Gang 🌲🌲 2021-04-10 05:43:07
Bring back lockdowns
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2021-04-07 17:28:23 Self Discipline is the Number One predictor of success in Life, not Intelligence.

This is why you'll find boatloads of smart people who've wasted their life (just smart enough to get good grades in public school without trying seems to be the sweet spot for that), but why most marathon runners are successful.


Found this gem, too. Turns out (shocker!) White people have all the Self Discipline.

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