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2021-05-18 09:41:34
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2021-05-18 09:29:19
EUROPA - The Last Battle (Trailer)

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2021-05-18 08:37:52 A Trump rally right now would be very interesting.
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2021-05-18 07:37:55 Many technologies have been hidden on purpose. Why? Some of it is not profitable to sell. Much more profitable using gasoline and keeping people sick.
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2021-05-18 07:10:46 A few hours ago I posted the video on the Ufos. Then Tucker and Hannity were talking ufos tonight. Why? Because this classified technology is real. It's existed for many decades. No it doesn't mean there's going to be an alien invasion, although bluebeam is real. This magnetism propulsion was Nazi technology. It's now coming out because this is the great awakening. Don't fear it. I'd like to fly 1000s of miles an hour without gas too. 🛸🛸
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2021-05-18 05:46:53
Picture 1 from GhostEzra 2021-05-18 05:46:53
Lin, never apologize or explain that you're not racist or antisemitic. We know you aren't. You're allowed to call out crooks even if they are jewish. Antisemitism is just a label used when you spotted their crooked bullshit. Newsflash, it's not working anymore. We are all awake now. Just a free tip from the ghost. 👻👻
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2021-05-18 05:33:09 Honest I have no clue why anybody still uses Twitter. Either you like making communist Twitter money or maybe you are just on their team undercover. Why give Twitter another dime after the way they treated Patriots?
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2021-05-18 05:27:34
Picture 1 from GhostEzra 2021-05-18 05:27:34
If you see this account beware. When everyone went through the Twitter purge earlier this year, this account was completely untouched. That means Twitter wanted their misinformation on their platform.
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2021-05-18 01:26:47
German engineering always the best.
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2021-05-18 00:25:09 Law abiding American citizens should have the ability to own fully automatic weapons. UN has them and we should too.
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2021-05-17 23:46:45
Picture 1 from GhostEzra 2021-05-17 23:46:45
United Cabal.
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2021-05-17 23:18:43
Picture 1 from GhostEzra 2021-05-17 23:18:43
Netanyahu was not a friend.
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2021-05-17 22:53:29 In Genesis, Jacob the son of Isaac wrestled with God. Afterwards he was named Israel. There was no Israel the state. It was a nation of children according to the promise given to Abraham. The true nation of Israel is scattered throughout the earth currently. The Zionists tried to falsely fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 34 via the statehood of Israel. It has not yet happened. Zionists have hijacked God's Word for their own cabal agenda. These zionists are referred to as the Synagogue of Satan 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation. All these wars are funded by the deep state with an agenda for more land. Hamas and deep state Israel and Iran are all the same coin. Just different sides. Continuing to fund them is furthering the Synagogue of Satan's agenda. There are good people in both Israel and Palestine. Don't fall for the R vs D media matrix hype.
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