"Ontology Official Announcement" Telegram Channel

"Ontology Official Announcement" Telegram Channel

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2021-04-13 13:06:29 Have you tried Multiplier's Multi-Chain Lend on Binance Smart Chain #BSC yet?! If not, now's your chance to start lending & borrowing and stand a chance to win a share of $60k bMXX in the process!💰

Download @ONTOWallet: onto.app

Full details: https://link.medium.com/sWFu9Dl4pfb
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2021-04-13 05:23:49 Win part of the 900 $FIN airdrop as @ONTOWallet partners with DeFiner for an #AMA on the 15th of April at 11:00am UTC! 💰

RT& Follow, then check👇 for details on how you can win!

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2021-04-12 14:15:51
Picture 1 from Ontology Official Announcement 2021-04-12 14:15:51
Incredible growth in the @OntologyNetwork ecosystem of late, as we add more partners who share a common vision for #DID. Especially great to see other public #blockchains embrace & value #decentralized #identity

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2021-04-12 06:13:31
Picture 1 from Ontology Official Announcement 2021-04-12 06:13:31
Don't miss an #AMA session with the #CMO of MDEX, Kiko at 11am (UTC) TODAY — Apr 12, 2021 for their Binance Smart Chain #BSC launch!

You have just over 8 hours to prep your questions🤔to win part of the 700 $MDX by RT & following PLUS the steps 👇


Join now: @ONTOWallet
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2021-04-09 15:09:01 Grab part of the $9,000 $BNB & $45,000 $MDX by adding liquidity for trading pairs as @ONTOWallet are partnering with @Mdextech for their Binance Smart Chain launch #BSC! Make sure to RT & Follow!🥳

That, plus an #AMA with giveaways👇

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2021-04-09 07:11:17 Catch up with our #CTO Hu Ning, and other #decentralization experts on the 15th of April at 16:00 UTC as they break down all things #DID & much more!

Hosted by Andrew Cahill from The Block!

Learn more: https://app.livestorm.co/the-block/the-state-of-decentralized-identity-solutions
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2021-04-09 05:09:02
Picture 1 from Ontology Official Announcement 2021-04-09 05:09:02
Make sure to join us for the ultimate virtual experience for all things #blockchain & #crypto this year at #Consensus2021 hosted by CoinDesk on the 24th Of May!

As a sponsor, we look forward to meeting more of our community over convos on #DeID, #OScore & more!
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2021-04-08 10:04:43
Mark your calendar as our Founder Li Jun will join Crypto.com for a live video #AMA on the 13th of April, 11am UTC! $ONT $ONG

Submit your questions on #ONTID, #OScore, or anything else to have a chance at winning awesome prizes💰

Add the questions on the form👇: https://forms.gle/YpGVdyT6dAf74FyTA
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2021-04-08 08:29:08 Catch up on all things @OntologyNetwork with this week's report! 📅 $ONT $ONG

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2021-04-06 10:04:34 Do you have a passion for working in a cutting edge industry, with a hardworking team & impeccable culture? If so, why not put your time towards developing the #decentralized future with us, at Ontology.👏👏👏

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2021-04-02 23:35:34
Picture 1 from Ontology Official Announcement 2021-04-02 23:35:34
Our Head of Community, Humpty Calderon, will be speaking about Ontology and answering questions from the community in an AMA (ask me anything) on Monday, April 5th at 6:00 PM UTC (11 AM PDT).

The AMA will be LIVE on Telegram on @CryptoCoinsCoach. They are taking your questions now via the form below and will pick out 10 of their favorite questions to win #ONT from a $500 prize pool.


The AMA will be broadcast live. Make sure to update your Telegram to the latest version so you are able to listen to the event.

AMA group: https://t.me/CryptoCoinsCoach
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2021-04-01 14:56:00 With a new #Ontology version being released, in addition to upgrades at @ONTOWallet, March was a busy month!! 💪💪

Full Details 👇

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2021-04-01 10:55:34
Picture 1 from Ontology Official Announcement 2021-04-01 10:55:34
#ONTOWallet v3.8.0 Upgrade! 💡

Reminder: Please back up your mnemonic phrases & password prior to updating! 🔒
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