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Well, here you can find PDFs, ebooks, archives and important summaries.

My personal Goal is to Try help people in their first RedPill moment.

Good luck and remember, (((they))) are the problem.

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2021-06-19 05:45:17
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2021-06-19 05:45:17 #17 A Mythology for the New Right
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2021-04-13 17:49:47 ""The main outline of the contents of this book is,in brief,that there has been for centuries a hidden conspiracy ,chiefly Jewish, whose objects have been to produce revolution, communism and anarchy, by means of which they hope to arrive at the hegemony of the world by establishing some sort of despotic rule.""

Nesta Webster.
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2021-04-03 15:51:12 Why has the Soviet Government, in spite of its outward bestiality and brutal tyranny succeeded ingaining the sympathies of an increasing number of people in this country? You give the answer Bolshevism was opposed by Democracy only, and a Democracy which was too cowardly to draw the last consequences of its own creed, which, of course, is ultimately nothing else but Bolshevism.
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2021-04-03 15:51:11
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“We, (Jews) who have posed as the Savior of the world...are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners”

Jewish Source: Dr. Oscar Levy, in the preface of The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, 1920
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2021-03-23 17:27:36 To remind some posts about it
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2021-03-23 17:27:23
Picture 1 from Exposing the Exposed 2021-03-23 17:27:23
Milorad Gođevac was the organizer of the Serbian Chetnik Organization, a doctor by profession.

As we see:
""Principal figure was again doctor Gođevac. After the initial failure of 1901, this time Gođevac took more prudent measures. Making use of his freemason network.""
Here there is wrote about the first coup made by those organization, that resulted in the dead of King Alexander I of Serbia. The same organization used to Kill Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo ten years later.
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2021-03-23 17:27:22
Picture 1 from Exposing the Exposed 2021-03-23 17:27:22
Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis (Апис), was a Serbian colonel. He was a leading member of the military group that organized the 1903 overthrow of the Serbian government, which included the assassination of Alexander I of Serbia.

Apis, as we see here, was in a close contact with the Yugoslav Freemason lodge "Pobratimstvo".
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2021-03-23 17:25:59 the first file, is a summary to understand what the Serbian organization of the Black Hand was, and what types of communication and influences it had.
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2021-03-23 17:22:32 What Leon degrelle said here, is the exact situation we described in this channel, about Black Hand and secret organizations in Yugoslavia
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2021-03-23 17:21:02
Picture 1 from Exposing the Exposed 2021-03-23 17:21:02
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A Champion of Europe - Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle noticed and exposed the Eternal Judeo-Serb.
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2021-03-22 16:02:39
As the Great Livia Soprano said:
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2021-03-22 15:58:49
Picture 1 from Exposing the Exposed 2021-03-22 15:58:49
Sigmund Freud and the B'Nai B'Rith - Hugo Knoepfmacher, 1979 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/000306517902700209
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