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When things change inside you,
Things change around you.

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Full Moon Meditation For Chakras and Aura Cleansing
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A multi millionaire was travelling in his car.

On the way, he was listening to a Satsang of a certain Saint.

The Saint was preaching that, everyone in the world is after money only. But they are ignorant of the fact that they cannot take their money with them after their death. Still, they are after money and money alone and do whatever possible to earn more and more money in any way.

The millionaire got annoyed of this statement.

He said to himself that since the Saint has no money with him, he is giving a Lecture like this.

The next day, the millionaire called all his employees and advised them to give him an idea so that he can take all his wealth alongwith him after his death.

Every one thought that their boss has gone mad and tried to avoid him.

Days passed by.
Suddenly one day, a stranger approached the millionaire and informed him that he had heard about his query & he has one brilliant idea.

The millionaire could not believe his ears as everyone had declared him "Mad".

The millionaire was very eager to hear his idea.

The stranger first asked him whether he had travelled abroad?

The millionaire said that he had visited many countries.

Then, the stranger asked him what he had done with money before he went to USA?

The millionaire said that he had converted the Indian rupees into American dollars and went to USA.

The stranger again asked him, what he had done when he went to UK ?

The millionaire replied that he had converted Indian rupees into Pound Sterling and went to England.

The stranger asked him why he did all this?

The millionaire laughed and told the stranger that our Indian
rupees have no value in USA and in England.

The stranger replied that you are very correct and continued.

Mr. Millionaire, now you want to go to Heaven after your death, correct?

Well, in Heaven, the name of the currency is “Punnya”.
So you convert your entire Indian rupees into the currency of Punnya, so that you can spend it very happily there after your death.

The rich man was convinced and very happy to hear this idea and started doing NISHKAMA
Karma and Charity - helping the needy without expecting anything in return.

✨@SpiritualityBooks ✨
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2021-10-16 19:41:45
Picture 1 from Spiritual Universe 2021-10-16 19:41:45
"True Wealth"
👇⬇️ Read the post below: ⬇️👇
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Editorial by Rajyogini Dadi Gulzar

The festivals of Navaratri and Dussehra have several characteristics in common.

🔱 Durga slays the buffalo-demon Mahishasura after nine days of pitched battle with his evil forces.
🔱 Rama annihilates the ten-headed Ravana, also after nine days of protracted war with Ravana’s elusive powers.

On the tenth day, both victories are celebrated as Vijayadashami.

It is said that on Brahma’s advice, celestial deities pray to Adi Shakti Durga, the multi-armed manifestation of Shiva, to end Mahishasura’s menace on earth. Also, on Brahma’s advice, Rama first worships Supreme Soul Shiva and then Devi Durga, before setting out to vanquish Ravana. Both adopt similar strategy of winning the war. In both the situations, adharma, negative energies represented by demons, are at the peak. Devi Shakti or positive powers of dharma are invoked to finish the evil.

Nava Durgas:

The depiction of female deities as Nava Durgas — nine female deities — is not to be understood in their mere physical forms only but in terms of spiritual qualities like

🍃contentment &

which they respectively represent as

Mahagauri and
Sidhidatri devis.

Further, the eight hands of Devi Durga holding eight weapons allegorically allude to eight saatvic powers of

❤️assimilation, ✅
❤️coordination, ✅
❤️detachment, ✅
❤️discrimination, ✅
❤️decisiveness, ✅
❤️endurance, ✅
❤️resourcefulness, ✅ &
❤️troubleshooting ✅

to overcome tamasic and evil proclivities of

🖤inertia, 🚫
🖤lust, 🚫
🖤desires, 🚫
🖤gluttony, 🚫
🖤anger, 🚫
🖤attachment 🚫 &
🖤allurements 🚫
which Mahishasura symbolises.

These epic battles between good and evil are symbolic of internal conflicts that constantly trouble our mind and intellect. Internal feuds make our mind tense and intellect unstable. Our nature and behaviour become noble and virtuous when positive personality traits called good samskaras take precedence over negative or vicious thoughts and tendencies. Negative nature often surfaces in the form of five major vices —

▪️ego, ❌
▪️lust, ❌
▪️anger, ❌
▪️avarice ❌ &
▪️attachment ❌.

🧊 These are found in varying degrees as ten vices, five each in man and woman, symbolised by the ten heads of Ravana who was ruining peace and happiness in every hearth and home. To wipe out these ten vices from every family, like Rama vanquished the ten-headed Ravana, we need to invoke our innate Devi Shakti — divine virtues such as

🌹purity, ✅
🌹peace, ✅
🌹love, ✅
🌹happiness, ✅
🌹harmony ✅ &
🌹inner power ✅

by regularly practising soul-consciousness in intellectual communion with the Supreme Soul Shiva. Gross body-consciousness gives rise to vices, tamasic traits and demonic dispositions which have been symbolically depicted in the mythological characters of Mahishasura and Ravana. These evil forces are our internal enemies, subtle, deceptive, diabolical and delusive in nature. Like Durga and Rama, we need subtle weapons of

🎁spiritual wisdom,
🎁eternal vigilance,
🎁divine meditation,
🎁deity virtues &
🎁saatvic lifestyle

to sublimate these impure, impulsive & devilish tendencies. 🧊

Shiva Shakti :

🔥 Through constant consciousness of the divine light image of soul, its innate positive qualities and spiritual powers, combined with loving remembrance of Supreme Spiritual Light, Shiva who is the eternal source and ocean of cosmic powers and divine virtues, we can become Shiva Shaktis, spiritually empowered companions of Shiva — to carry forward his divine task of cleansing and purging our minds. 🔥

🏹 Vijayadashami, every year, is an occasion that reminds us to make a paradigm shift from body-consciousness to spiritual consciousness, to let pure and noble intentions prevail; to let truth and righteousness triumph. 🏹

✨@SpiritualityBooks ✨
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