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EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Son of Former President of the United States Donald J. Trump.


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2021-05-25 18:08:41 Guys, this is journalism under a Democrat administration🤡🤡🤡. You won’t believe how ridiculous this is and how badly they’re trying to sell the narrative that Joe Biden is all there and physically fit and capable. What a joke. Watch and share this now.

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2021-05-25 01:04:03 OMG! Here’s more WOKE military for you. Insanity!!! The woke military is a joke. Not anything about America or serving your country patriotically but making sure we check boxes and get the wildest people in there. Check out these military recruitment videos side by said and ask yourself how much longer America has as a military powerhouse. Such a shame that this is happening to this great institution! https://rumble.com/vhk84l-the-military-going-woke-is-a-joke.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-24 16:01:40 This is how screwed up we are. A soldier was relieved of command for speaking out against Marxism in the military. Marxism... you know which leads to communism which the military spent half a century fighting against. The woke clown bureaucrats who got them selves into leadership of these institutions will destroy America. https://rumble.com/vhib75-he-spoke-out-against-marxism-in-the-military-now-they-want-to-silence-him.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-23 23:03:41 Jewish Americans attacked on the streets of NY and all over America and people are silent. If these beating were by white guys in tank tops I have a feeling the coverage would be through the roof but since it’s done by Palestinian and/or Hamas terrorist sympathizers no one says a word. It’s disgusting that this kind of antisemitism is alive and well and no one says a damn thing. WATCH!!! https://rumble.com/vhi8vb-will-the-media-cover-these-horrible-attacks.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-23 16:45:07 Guys do you think this will end well? The military wants to work with outside tech companies to be able to spy on active duty military personnel and monitor their social media. They need to do this with private companies because the government First Amendment restrictions. Think about the implications of this. What do you think will be viewed as “extremist” in the eyes of today’s woke leftist controlled military leadership? It’s a must watch. https://rumble.com/vhger9-insanity-the-pentagon-wants-to-surveil-our-soldiers.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-22 16:13:02 Guys this is a must watch. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago seems to be pushing some seriously racist stuff. I wonder why no one’s calling her out for this? Hey Republicans where are you? Media has trained you to be silent or afraid to say it even when it’s this flagrant! Don’t be! Republicans I’ve been trained to be afraid to speak up because they know what will happen when the media goes after them. If we don’t call this stuff out it’s never going to change. https://rumble.com/vhfjnn-wow-democrat-lori-lightfoot-is-a-bigot.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-21 03:23:04 These are the RINOs who voted for the Nancy Pelosi Jan 6 Commission and my thoughts on the BS. I can’t tell if they’re stupid, naive, democrats or all of the above, but if they don’t see what’s going on here I can’t help them. Watch and share!!!

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2021-05-20 04:35:16
Picture 1 from Donald Trump Jr 2021-05-20 04:35:16
I stand with Israel! If you do too sign the petition by clicking the link. The terrorist antisemitism Must be stopped and we need to stand by the one true democracy in The Middle East. Let’s show some solidarity with our allies by signing.

The left is spewing lies about Israel and pushing a radical anti-Israel agenda. Israel tries to protect civilians, warning them to evacuate before it strikes terrorist HQs. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad aim for civilians, killing innocent people on purpose.
Sign PragerU's Stand With Israel Petition now!
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2021-05-20 02:22:25 Oh my God, was the Associated Press knowingly sharing an office with Hamas a designated terrorist organization? https://rumble.com/vhai1v-wait-was-associated-press-sharing-a-building-with-hamas.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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2021-05-19 17:38:34
Picture 1 from Donald Trump Jr 2021-05-19 17:38:34
Guys signs this petition now by clicking the link PragerU is on the forefront of this battle and they need our support. If you’re on this platform and not on the others you know exactly why. Takes 2 seconds let’s all get in the game. https://j.mp/3yqk0kE
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2021-05-19 07:19:17 These kids apparently inherited my lack of self-preservation gene. I think Tristan wants to be an X Games competitor. https://rumble.com/vh4jjb-sick-jumps-these-kids-are-crazy.html?mref=i2svv&mc=36we8
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