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Happy new year fellow themers!
The dawn of a brand new year calls for something new and exciting, so here's the deal:

The task
For this challenge we give to you three color palettes. Pick one and turn it into a masterfully composed theme by Feb. 20th 2020.

Here are your choices:
Palette 1:
hex: #150F28, rgb: 21, 15, 40
hex: #236B72, rgb: 35, 107, 114
hex: #368F8A, rgb: 54, 143, 138

Palette 2:
hex: #6C567B, rgb: 108, 86, 123
hex: #C06C84, rgb: 192, 108, 40
hex: #F6737F, rgb: 246, 115, 127

Palette 3:
hex: #FD7B69, rgb: 253, 123, 105
hex: #F5F2E7, rgb: 245, 242, 231
hex: #4AC5C8, rgb: 74, 197, 200

You need to use all three colors of a chosen palette. You are allowed to use shades (lighter/darker versions), black, white and greyscale. Don't add any new colors or your theme might be disqualified.

What are the requirements?
It is recommended to support iOS and Android. The bare minimum is one mobile platform and Telegram Desktop. Support for the MacOS version is optional. Feel free to join @TelegramThemes if you need help!

Topic: Choose a palette
Deadline: 20th Feb 2020 at 23:59 UTC(+0)
Requirements: Cross-platform theme (more info above)
Submissions: @ThemeChallengeBot and type /start

Good luck and happy theming!
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