️ Telegraph version 9.8.2 Upgraded to Telegram version 8 — — Telegraph Messenger

  • Official Graph Messenger (Telegraph) Channel. Download from Google Play Store:. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ir.ilmili.telegraph. Donation:. https://graphmessenger.com/donate...
️ Telegraph version 9.8.2

Upgraded to Telegram version 8.5.4

Toast Notifications redesigned for android 11 and newer. (Link)

Ability to change the toast notification transparency. (Link)

Open channel with touch and hold on items in anonymous posting list.

Ability to hide all local folders. (Link)

Added backup the local folders to the settings backup.

Ability to hide bot button from the group chat page. (Link)

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Telegram changes:
Bug fixes.

Play Store:
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