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Auto Anime - V4.1 (Stable Release)

>> What's New:

Inline Anime Episode Search (So You can send anime episodes to other chats without forwarding).
- Added more commands related to anime like anime manga characters etc. Checkout /help @AiringAnimesBot.
- Now You Can Link & Manage Your Anilist Account.
- Notify users about Anime airing daily.
- All Episodes Button Added (So you can get all episode currently airied in just a click).
- Schedule auto updates on group about new subsplease release before upload.
- Anime Schedule Post (You will get airing list of anime in current day)
- Custom Thumbnail More here.
- Anime Episodes current list Index in bot pm
- Added Others Group Support (So you can use most of @AiringAnimesBot features in your group)

Changes >

- Code Rewritten.
- Optimized Core.
- Improved Start message of bot.
- Fixed Anime Title Eng Translation issue (Added Anilist Api)

Airing Animes [720P] and Airing Animes [1080p] Channels will launch soon

Thank You

Note : Old Buttons Of Post Will not work anymore new posts buttons will only work :D

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