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2022-04-09 10:49:18 Shizuki is up now

Sorry For Inconvenience
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2022-03-28 14:18:29 Auto Anime - V4.1 (Stable Release)

>> What's New:

Inline Anime Episode Search (So You can send anime episodes to other chats without forwarding).
- Added more commands related to anime like anime manga characters etc. Checkout /help @AiringAnimesBot.
- Now You Can Link & Manage Your Anilist Account.
- Notify users about Anime airing daily.
- All Episodes Button Added (So you can get all episode currently airied in just a click).
- Schedule auto updates on group about new subsplease release before upload.
- Anime Schedule Post (You will get airing list of anime in current day)
- Custom Thumbnail More here.
- Anime Episodes current list Index in bot pm
- Added Others Group Support (So you can use most of @AiringAnimesBot features in your group)

Changes >

- Code Rewritten.
- Optimized Core.
- Improved Start message of bot.
- Fixed Anime Title Eng Translation issue (Added Anilist Api)

Airing Animes [720P] and Airing Animes [1080p] Channels will launch soon

Thank You

Note : Old Buttons Of Post Will not work anymore new posts buttons will only work :D

@AiringAnimes @AsmSafone
10.5K views11:18
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2022-03-17 17:22:47 Small Update for
@VidComHEVC_bot & @safonevidcompressor_bot :

Optimized Core.
Changed Server.
Increased Speed.
Almost Bug Fixed.
Added Dual Mode:
Both bot will listen you with command or without command (auto detecting media).
Added DB Based Queue Feature:
So now you can add task anytime as u want and take a nap, bot will automatically do your task after previous one done even if bot restarted.
Added Auto & Manual Cancel Option:
Now you can see a option to cancel while bot start your compress process. If The Compression Is Beyond The Limit Then Bot Get Stuck At Compressing Or Uploading. if bot is taking too much time or not processing further it will be auto canceled after certain amount of time (max 2hour for a single task - hevc)
Try Follow These Examples Below:
- If Actual Size Is 1.9Gb Then Compress It With 50% or 70% [ Max ]
- If Actual Size Is Around 1.5Gb Then Compress It Around 60% or Low [ Max ]
- If Actual Size 1Gb Then Compress It With 50% Or Low [ Max ]
- If The Actual Size Is 500Mb To 800Mb Then Compress It With 40% Or Low [ Max ]
- If The Actual Size Is Around 200Mb Or 300Mb , Don't Compress It Or Try To Compress Around 20% Or 10% [ Max ]

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16.7K viewsedited  14:22
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2022-03-09 18:01:18
Shizuki - V4.0

- Optimized Core.
- Fixed Paste Module.
- Fixed Some Common Bugs.
- Inline Mode Improvements.
- Added Some More Functions For Sudoers.
- Fixed Antispam Not Working in Some Cases.
- Fixed Anonymous Admin & Anti-Channel Bugs.
- Added Some New Modules & Commands. [ couple, covid, lmg, pypi, try, truth, dare, lyrics, genstr, qfancy, manga, aniquote, character, autowaifu, autohasbando, autofastly, autoname, autobio, autoprofile ]
- Added Assistant Pm Permit Function.
- Added Fastly Bot & Waifu Bot Cheat.
Checout Special Tools Module. [ Requested ]
- And Many More... [ Check Help Menu ]

Note: We will continue to develop new features made possible by the new Telegram update: more updates will come in the coming weeks. Cheers !!

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16.2K viewsedited  15:01
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2022-02-23 13:36:47
Auto Anime - V4.0

- Hash Tags in Bottom.
( Can Easily Find Old Episodes )
- Stream in Video Chat.
( You Can Watch New Episodes In
Telegram VC As Soon As They Arrived )
- Auto Index All Released Anime Episodes.
( Index Channel | Cloud Index )
- Some Internal Changes & Fixes.

Thank You
Thanks To 1K Subscribers!

@AiringAnimes @AsmSafone
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2022-02-21 10:24:59
Today 21st February,
Respect to all language martyrs who sacrifices their lives for mother tongue Bangla on 70th Great Shahid Day

At the same time, honor and love for all languages in the world on 23rd International Mother Language Day

মাতৃভাষা দিবসের অনেক অনেক শুভেচ্ছা ও শুভকামনা, নিজ নিজ মাতৃভাষাকে ভালবাসুন, সম্মান করুন!
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2022-02-06 15:33:05 Shizuki V3.5.0

Sticker Module (Rewrite):
Normal Sticker Pack:
- Reply /kang to any image or normal sticker. (as before)
Animated Sticker Pack:
- Reply /kang to any .tgs file or animated sticker.
Video Sticker Pack (New):
- Now it can convert Videos/GIFs to Video Stickers and create your personal packs. Try to reply /kang to as small video/gif as possible as only first 3 seconds matter!
Get Sticker Base Files:
Reply /get_sticker to get png/tgs/webm file. You can send it to @stickers to create custom packs!

Pack Kang Module:
➢ Yup, now you can kang the whole sticker pack with ease along with custom name. Reply /packkang [new pack name] to a sticker to kang the sticker pack with new pack name.

Some Useless Command:
➢ /stt : Convert audio into text.
➢ /tts : Convert text into speech.
➢ /pdf : Make pdf from group of images.
➢ /plet : Generate RGB Sticker with text.
➢ /round : Make rounded sticker from media.
➢ /figlet : Make fancy style text using Figlet.
➢ /glitch : Glitch an image or sticker or gifs.

Silent Mode For Admins:
➢ Now admins can use the commands in group without keeping the action records or showing the action to the users. Simply put 's' before any of admin command to do it silently.

Note: We will continue to develop new features made possible by the new Telegram update: more updates will come in the coming weeks. Cheers !!

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2022-01-24 18:40:06

Shizuki Updated !

- Added Anti-Spam Module (automatically delete messages that contains spam or promoting links). You can toggle it by /antispam [on/off]. Check the logs in realtime here [?]
- Added Anti-NSFW Module (automatically delete messages that contains pornographic content). You can toggle it by /antinsfw [on/off]
- Totally Rewritten Auto Filters Module. Now you can change auto filters options as u wish in your group from /asettings or /settings panel as well. if you wanna change the IMDb template u can change it by /set_template. To get current template use /get_template.
- Added Remove BG Module.
- Added URL Uploader Module.
- Added Advanced Spell Checker.
- Added Urban Dictionary Module.
- Added Facebook Downloader Module.
- Moved /antispoiler to /settings panel.
- Now /fakegen also provide you the photo of that people with details.
- Fixed Double Response In Some Cases.
- Bugs Fixes and Include These Changes.

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2022-01-23 15:17:33
3.1K views12:17
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2022-01-18 18:59:22 Music Player Updates:

• Improved Performance
• Added Spotify [Playlists Also]
• Added Bot Mode As Optional
• Fixed Telegram Files Playback
• Fixed Heroku Deploy Issue Here
• Updated Docker & Fixed Updator
• Updated Thumbnails and Images
• Improved Youtube Search Probability
• Removed Extra Dependencies for Fast Response
• Added Option To Restrict /play to Admins Only
• Added Some New Variables [QUALITY, STREAM_MODE, SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID, SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET] for Customizing As You Need. (changeable with commands)

Note: New languages, bug fixes and improvements following our contribution guidelines are warmly welcomed!

Star Repo Deploy & Enjoy !!
Report Bugs To @AsmSupport !
1.6K views15:59
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