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According to history, and you know how much we believe in mainstream history, most of these sculptures have been created back in the 17th and 18th century up to 1750.

Now you know I love a good deduction and looking further into the narrative I found that some of the artists which created these majestic statues were supposedly in their twenties, which instantly raises some red flags as that kind of mastery and craftsmanship can't be achieved at that early stage of life.

Now what all these statues have in common is that they have been created out of one single block of marble but none knows actually how it was done.

Marble stones are not uniform, they have veins, grooves and same pieces can have very different tones, There are many inaccessible areas where one must remove excess marble and smooth it out like a glass with crisp lines and edges. Some statues were created so well they even made some parts of the rock look transparent

My question is how can a natural stone be so flawless?

Would it even be possible to find a marble stone of that size without flaws?

I am tempted to imagine that this was a part of ancient alchemy, flesh turned to stone, it could have been a means of preserving the deceased

Think about this

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