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📍Place for various topics of a modern man.
🕵️‍♂️We are searching for the truth about hidden technologies, ancient knowledge, mysteries and curiosities you may not have heard.
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2022-05-08 21:18:33
This is a social experiment.

It's BIZZARE that nobody is doing anything! Not only did no one bat an eye, they didn't even bother to call the cops.

The fluoride is definitely working.

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2022-05-08 17:01:44
What kind of planet do we live on when none of the officials of any country isn't allowed to ask WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

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2022-05-08 16:54:14
The real reason there's an Arctic Treaty in the first place and why we are not allowed to explore the North Pole is due to many of these Ancient buildings that are still under snow and ice, which doesn't fit the mainstream His(story) narrative.


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2022-05-08 08:51:21

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2022-05-04 17:35:52
What the masses see: Madonna' singing a song at a concert.

Reality: A witch casting a spell in a satanic ritual.

Stay Awakened!

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2022-05-04 13:32:10
A mountain called "Rtanj" here in Serbia. Which is actually believed to be one of the first, pre flood pyramids, many scientists have done tests and found out that it actually emits Tesla scalar waves which also have healing properties.

There are many waters and natural springs all around, which also have amazing healing properties, and locals know and have been using it for healing many ailments.

10x times bigger than the pyramid in Giza.

The second picture is from the top of the .

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2022-05-04 11:14:55
This is the first publicly sold bottle of Coca-Cola from 1880 and for its first 17 years of existence it has also contained cocaine, thus the name "Coca-Cola".

It was so effective that it quickly got millions of people addicted and I wouldn't be surprised if it still contains that "secret" ingredient.

Stay away from Matrix food.

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2022-05-04 09:21:22
Early Electric Automobiles 1861

Electric cars might seem like the vehicles of the future, but they were actually a symbol of the past. However back in the day, they didn't use the infamous Lithium batteries which cause major pollution to the environment. They used Sodium-ion batteries that are much cleaner option as they are basically made of salt.

Sodium-ion batteries offer superior environmental credentials, enhanced safety, and much lower raw material costs than Lithium-ion that we use today.

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2022-05-03 22:26:51
Megan Fox assures us that she only drinks blood for ritual purposes.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, she revealed that she drank blood for “ritual purposes”. Also, her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly has a “demonic spirit hovering over him”. Here’s a look at this revealing interview.

For years I have been highlighting the elite’s obsession with cannibalism and drinking blood as part of occult rituals. Many dismissed these claims as crazy conspiracy theories. It’s real. And now they’re trying to normalize it.


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2022-05-03 14:27:05
In the 1998, this man Stanley Meyer made a water-powered car, and then died mysteriously.

You know how I love those stories when normal people invent something huge and system breaking, and then all the sudden they drop dead..

I wonder what could happen if these inventions were not suppressed, but unfortunately big oil companies know there's no $$$ to be made.

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