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Immigration News Canada Full Guide For New International Stude | Canada Immigration News

Immigration News Canada
Full Guide For New International Students Coming To Canada Last Updated On 18 May 2023, 11:03 AM EDT (Toronto Time)
New international students to Canada often reach out to us seeking information on important things to bring, getting new mobile connection, activating their GIC, creating resume, building network, finding part-time job, and health insurance.

It can also be challenging for international students in new country, especially when they don’t have any immediate support or guidance or friends.

As you prepare to study in Canada, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate the intricacies of life in Canada.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help international students prepare for their study in Canada.

Idea of this article is provided by an international student, Raj Patel who is coming to Canada in August 2023 for fall intake. You can also submit your ideas to be published by INC – Immigration News Canada. Jump toPacking Essentials When preparing to travel to Canada as an international student, it’s important to pack smartly and efficiently.

Here are some key items to consider bringing from your home country:

* Clothing: Pack suitable clothing for Canada’s varying seasons, including warm winter attire and lightweight summer clothes (casual, daily wear, and business outfits).
* Consider purchasing a proper summer jacket and boots after arriving in Canada, as local shops often offer more suitable options compared to those in your home country. Take advantage of the “Black Friday” sales at the end of November for the best deals on winter essentials.
* A lot of newcomers to Canada bring utensils with them, but now-a-days all of these are available in Walmarts and Indian stores in Canada.

* Personal Documents: Carry important documents like your passport, study permit, acceptance letter, medical records, and academic transcripts.

* Electronics: Bring essential electronics like laptops, mobile phones, and chargers, and ensure that they are compatible with Canadian power outlets. Otherwise, you can buy this after landing in Canada from stores like Costco, BestBuy, etc.

* Medications: If you have any ongoing medical conditions, ensure you have an ample supply of necessary medications and also ensure that you have prescription for controlled medicines.

Disprin, Paracetamol/Dolo, Combiflam, Antibiotics, etc are the common medicines that people bring from India. Canada Immigration Check – Know Here What Happens At Airport Choosing a Suitable Mobile SIM ProviderStaying connected in Canada is crucial, and choosing the right mobile SIM provider can offer various benefits.

Always remember, you will get free wi-fi at college campuses and mostly at the place that you will rent. So you can buy mobile plan with less data allocation.

Here are some reputable options:

* Freedom: Mobile plans can start as cheap as $25 per month. Furthermore, you can also activate 1,000 minutes direct calling to India and China at $15 per month.
* Rogers: Rogers is a well-established telecommunications company in Canada known for its nationwide coverage and reliable service, but not as cheap as Freedom. However, there network is widely spread. They offer a range of plans tailored to different needs, including data-heavy options for students who rely on Internet access for research and communication.

* Bell: Bell is another major player in the Canadian telecommunications industry, offering excellent network coverage and a variety of student-friendly plans. They provide reliable connectivity and flexible data options, ensuring that you stay connected without breaking the bank.

* Telus: Telus is renowned fo[...]