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Logo of telegram channel chikoroko — ❌
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🧸 ArToys is the platform that brings together designer toy collectors, artists, and brands. We provide a one-of-a-kind experience complete with easy access, daily surprises, and interactive social features.

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2023-05-18 23:00:01
Timekeeper embodies the magic of time and invites you to journey into a world of wonder. As the sand trickles down, the hourglass takes you on a mesmerizing adventure, beckoning you to explore its secrets!

Collect your Timekeeper now and let the magic unfold.

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2023-05-18 19:15:00
Who is the ChikoRoko ambassador? How do we work with ambassadors? And how can you become one? Find out all the answers on our upcoming AMA Session with our Brazilian Ambassador, Samito!

Join our Telegram tomorrow at 20:00 GMT+4, where we'll address all your questions about ChikoRoko ambassadors. Plus, we'll be raffling 3 packs of 25 Gold for the best questions!

See you tomorrow as we take off on this exciting journey!

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2023-05-18 18:50:06 Live stream scheduled for May 19 at 16:00
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2023-05-17 23:00:00
Is it a baby alien, a mystical elf, or a mischievous gnome? Adorablium's origin remains a secret, leaving us in wonder about its true nature and purpose. With its adorable pointy ears and kind eyes, this enigmatic being is a delightful blend of mystery and cuteness.

Embrace the mystery, get your Adorablium NOW!

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2023-05-17 15:40:00
Let’s get LOUD with the new figurine from the Pop Culture collection - the Legendary Deadcore. Deadcore is a special gift for those who have purchased the R66 Space figurine and joined the Art Club!

Remember, the deadline to join the Club for only 0.18 ETH is approaching on May 28th at 11:59 PM GMT+4. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Experience the ultimate fusion of explosive hardcore energy of the Art Club! Join it NOW!

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2023-05-16 23:00:01
Greeny captures nature's beauty and resilience. It symbolizes the growth and profound impact of trees in our lives. From the air we breathe to the shelter they provide, trees offer invaluable gifts. Rooted firmly in its pot, Greeny signifies our deep connection to the world around us.

Cherish and protect our environment with this miniature tree reminder. Get yours now!

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2023-05-15 23:00:00
Dive into the depths of beauty with Navy Dot Coral, the first figurine from our mesmerizing Coral collection! Inspired by the natural beauty of underwater ecosystems, the Navy Dot captures the essence of the ocean's allure.

Join us on this journey of discovery as we unveil the hidden treasures of the sea. Collect the figurine NOW!
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2023-05-14 23:00:01
"Glad to meet ya! Name's Tigger. T-I-double guh-er! That spells Tigger!"

Introducing the one and only Tigger, the bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy tiger from the Hundred Acre Wood! Tigger's adventurous spirit is contagious, spreading joy and laughter to all his friends, especially Winnie.

Embrace the boundless energy and fun-loving nature of Tigger by adding him to your collection. Let the laughter-filled adventures begin!
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2023-05-14 20:10:00
Dive into the mesmerizing world of the Corals collection!
Each figure is crafted with utmost attention to detail, capturing the beauty and diversity of coral life in a unique and captivating way. Bring a piece of the ocean into your home with the Corals collection.

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2023-05-13 23:00:00
Who's hiding in the rainbow case? It's Bunnygochi - your new playful and furry rabbit friend!

Bunnygochi is the perfect companion for fun and adventure, always eager to explore and play. Whether he's nibbling on crunchy carrots or snuggling up in cozy spots, he knows how to appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Get Bunnygochi now and let the adventures begin!
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