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Logo of telegram channel chikoroko — ❌
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Categories: Design
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🧸 ArToys is the platform that brings together designer toy collectors, artists, and brands. We provide a one-of-a-kind experience complete with easy access, daily surprises, and interactive social features.

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2023-04-30 16:01:02 Live stream finished (1 hour)
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2023-04-30 15:09:10 Join us for the AMA-session with EZZY Game and get your questions ready: https://t.me/chikoroko?livestream
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2023-04-30 14:59:39 Live stream started
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2023-04-29 23:00:00
Say hi to Cattiegochi - the adorable little feline friend who hatches from a mysterious purple eggshell! She loves to play, chase her tail, and nap in cozy spots, but be careful - she also has a mischievous side!

Don't miss out on the chance to add this cute little companion to your collection!
7.4K views20:00
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2023-04-29 16:05:00
Move2Earn, Play2Earn, Watch2Earn, Learn2Earn... which one is right for you? How can you earn money from popular Web3 projects?

Join us for an upcoming AMA session on April, 30 at 4PM in our Telegram channel with Lisa Wilson, the Lead Marketing Manager of EZZY Game. We'll discuss how 2Earn projects work, their usefulness, and strategies for maximizing your earnings.

But that's not all! Get your questions ready because the 3 participants with the most interesting questions will receive an epic Active Guy figurine!
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2023-04-29 15:03:00 Live stream scheduled for Apr 30 at 12:00
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2023-04-28 23:00:00
The Robohood Box is more than just a figurine, it's a reminder that art is an essential part of our lives and can take many different forms. Whether it's a digital creation or a physical masterpiece, modern or classic, art surrounds us everywhere we look.

The Robohood team developed technology and software that enables robotic manipulators to transform any image into an original painting using brushes, oil paint, or acrylic colors.

Get your own Robohood Box and start exploring your artistic potential today!
7.2K views20:00
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2023-04-28 17:00:22
Special Drop from EZZY Game!

We're excited to announce that you'll soon have the opportunity to receive a cool gift from us in collaboration with EZZY Game. The drop is available on our homepage! You'll have until April, 30 to add it to your collection.

Enjoy the gift and stay tuned for the announcement of our AMA session - it's going to be informative and useful!
7.4K views14:00
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2023-04-23 23:00:00
Oh, the mighty and courageous Woodcutter, a character straight out of the classic tale "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum.This beloved character, made entirely out of tin, possesses a heart of pure gold. Despite his rusted exterior, he is a loyal and reliable companion to Dorothy and her friends on their journey to the Emerald City.

Don't miss out on adding Woodcutter to your collection, and make sure to check out the rest of "The Wizard of Oz" collection too!
2.7K views20:00
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2023-04-23 14:22:05 LAST HOURS to grab a piece of art by Felipe Rui or Ilya Kazakov!
Only 4 NFTs by Felipe Rui and 9 by Ilya Kazakov left, along with a LIFETIME membership in the Art Club for 0,1ETH.
Hurry, sales end TODAY at 23.59 GMT+4!
4.2K views11:22
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