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2023-02-02 16:20:46
ChatGPT : The Complete Bootcamp for Beginner With Practical

FREE For Limited Enrolls.

ChatGPT: The Ultimate Bootcamp for Beginners - Hands-on Training and Practical Applications

578 views13:20
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2023-02-02 16:14:51
Data Science and Machine Learning Basic to Advanced

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Complete Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning from Basic to Advanced.

999 views13:14
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2023-02-02 16:05:28
Microsoft Power BI Advanced Dashboard Full Practical Course

FREE For Limited Enrolls

We will help you learn how to create Clean DASHOARDS (2023 Edition) Advanced Power BI analysis & data visualization

1.5K views13:05
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2023-02-02 16:01:15
New Angular 15 Crash Course by Angular Engineering Founder

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Want to learn Angular 15 quickly? Take this course and learn Angular with the best practices from real world projects

1.6K views13:01
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2023-02-02 15:55:44
Python Beginner Complete Masterclass 2023

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Understand Python from the ground up in only 8 hours! No experience required on Mac, Linux or Windows!

1.7K views12:55
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2023-02-02 14:04:19
Machine Learning and AI Level Augmented Reality Experiences

FREE For 100 Enrolls

Build Augmented Reality Games including Real-World Object Scanning, Hand Detection & Plane Tracking from Scratch in 2023

3.7K viewsedited  11:04
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2023-02-02 14:02:27
The Complete Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nodes, Mining, Real Life Examples

3.5K views11:02
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2023-02-02 13:58:46
Advanced and comprehensive nursing course

FREE For Limited Enrolls.

Medical Conditions "Nursing "

3.3K views10:58
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2023-02-02 13:55:54
Pharmacology for nursing &medicine

FREE For Limited Enrolls.

Pharmacology for medicine students

3.2K views10:55
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2023-02-02 12:08:31
Learn Freelancing : To Grow Quickly at Marketplace’s

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Find exactly what you want to learn from how-to-get started Freelancing Career to Grow quickly at Marketplace's.

4.2K views09:08
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