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Logo of telegram channel coursevania — UDEMY FREE ️| Coursevania
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2023-05-10 19:26:08
Looker for Data Visualization – Beginners and Professionals

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Create POWERFUL data analysis and dashboards with Looker in minutes. Prepare dynamic and actionable data-driven Reports

7.6K views16:26
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2023-05-10 19:25:55
CSS And Javascript Crash Course

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Learn CSS And JavaScript Programming Language With Practical Interaction

7.1K views16:25
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2023-05-10 19:25:40
Java Training Crash Course 2022

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Learn Java in the Java Training Crash Course 2022

6.4K views16:25
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2023-05-10 19:25:22
Advanced SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete Developer’s Guide

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Become an Expert in SQL and PostgreSQL by Writing SQL Queries using PostgreSQL and PgAdmin 4.

6.2K views16:25
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2023-05-10 19:16:19
Protect Yourself Online: A Cyber Security Awareness Course

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Safeguard your information, prevent social engineering & phishing attacks, and secure your web browser & mobile devices.

6.5K views16:16
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2023-05-10 19:16:04
Disaster Recovery (BCDR) in Azure using ASR, Chaos Studio

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Learn to design resilient disaster recovery solutions in Azure, and ensure business continuity using ASR, Chaos Studio

6.7K views16:16
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2023-05-10 07:18:56
UI/UX Design With Figma : 5+ Real World Projects(2023)

FREE For 100 Enrolls.

Become a Designer in 2022! Learn how to use Figma to design beautiful mobile & web apps Learn-by-doing approach.

9.1K views04:18
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2023-05-10 07:17:52
Music Mixing for Songwriters – From Beginner to Producer

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Mixing Made Easy

8.2K views04:17
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2023-05-10 07:16:11
2023 Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Python for absolute beginners || Python Bootcamp || Python 3 deep dive || 100 days of Python || Python Mega Master class

7.2K views04:16
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2023-04-24 09:04:12
Become an Instagram Manager and Work with Clients 2023

FREE For Limited Enrolls

Start your freelancing online business in Instagram Management and learn how to attract Clients

2.8K views06:04
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