Elizabeth Rose Ragonese 2 Years old, USA First Dose: 12/15/2 | COVID VACCINE VICTIMS

Elizabeth Rose Ragonese

2 Years old, USA
First Dose: 12/15/2022
Brand: Moderna
Death: 12/16/2022

Elizabeth Rose, age 2 from New Hampshire received her first and only dose of a Moderna Covid injection on December 15, 2022. According to her CDC VAERS report, she passed away the following day on December 16, 2022 after receiving a Covid and flu injection. There is no further information available at present time as to what transpired between the time of her injections and her passing.

“Liz had a wisdom and curiosity about her that far surpassed her young age. She was the first one jumping in the pool, climbing a tree, or racing down a slide. As she was quite literally "no frills", Liz would much prefer frolicking outdoors in a dinosaur onesie to wearing a dress decked out in bows.”

Rest In Peace sweet Liz

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