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Victims & their stories..
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2023-01-11 04:07:19
Hi All, a friend sent this to me and it’s one of those things you just have to share. The WHO’s playbook on how to gaslight the public when if comes to vaccine deaths and injuries. It’s horrific!

Here is The WHO vaccine talk PLAYBOOK thanks to the wayback machine and who ever found this for us.

Much love, JM(Admin)


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2023-01-10 04:28:23
Ok last set of reviews I’ll post. There are thousands already diving into it.

Here is the LINK! Let me know what you think if you get it! JM(Admin)
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2023-01-10 04:25:42
Here are more reviews about the Bundle. Again tomorrow is the final day to get it.

Click HERE
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2023-01-09 18:15:00
People want solutions, but when presented with solutions they give themselves every excuse as to why they won’t use them or can’t.

Are you healthy? I mean truly healthy. The last 6 months I thought I was healthy and have lived a healthy lifestyle for many years until I had extensive testing done in September 2022 using various tests like OAT etc. I went on a gut cleanse and much more to reach the clarity about it that I have today.

We all have to start somewhere and we have to lead by example. I couldn’t preach health to you, if I didn’t have my health in check or understand it. Leading by example for your kids and loved ones especially if you’re trying to help someone recover from vaccine injuries.

Tomorrow is the last day to get the Holistic Health Bundle. Don’t miss out on kick starting your health journey. Check it out HERE

Much love, JM(Admin)
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2023-01-09 07:18:55 Hey all a reminder now only 2 days left to get the Holistic Bundle. So many of you contacted me after the last bundle was already gone. This is one I am really passionate about and feel we all really needed. I’m so grateful to be a part of this team putting everything together for you. It also makes a great gift for anyone trying to heal and turn their health around.

Here is a list of just SOME of what’s in it:
Holistic methods for healing a wide range of chronic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, inflammation and adrenal fatigue
Doctor-approved detox formulas, with proper drainage, cleansing and recipes
Foraging for medicinal herbs, healing plants, and nature’s superfoods
Inner healing, heart-opening breath work, sexual healing and cacao ceremonies
Herbalism and natural remedies for healing common ailments naturally
Holistic health practices including homeopathy and Chinese medicine 
Mindset and personal development for tackling challenges and obstacles in your life
Biohacking including hormone balancing, cold therapy, sleep optimization, and light optimization
Creating a low-tox home, including chemical free recipes for home products
Natural beauty and body care products using plants and natural ingredients
Healing recipes, detox juices and superfood smoothies to boost your immune system and support your metabolism
Holistic pregnancies, postpartum practices, ceremonial mothering and holistic health guides for you and your little ones
Gut health, nutritionist approved health guides and holistic meal plans
And much more!

Enjoy! Much love, JM(Admin)

Get it HERE:
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2023-01-08 19:06:14
I thought this would be a good experiment to get your followers to engage and wake up to the reality of things.

Post this image on your IG stories, on Facebook and twitter and see how many people respond

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2023-01-01 20:09:57 Happy New Year all!

I have been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take Covid Vaccine Victims. I have mentioned on previous lives about moving forward with solutions and to help provide information on how to live healthy and learn to detox etc. I myself took sometime to step away and limit my from screen-time for a bit for my own health and started a big overall detox in September which was meant to go on for 3 months, but I decided to continue it because I was feeling incredible. I can say it was the best decision I made for myself. It gives me more clarity and overall better health.

So I thought we would kick off this new year with helping all of you find a new path to health. We all have to start somewhere! Also regular posts will start back this week now that I feel I’ve had the time I needed for myself and I see where we need to be.

To start my friends and I put together this incredible holistic health resource bundle for you. It is exactly what we need to turn this next page. So many of you send me emails asking for health advice and although I technically can’t give that to you, I can offer things like the Holistic Bundle. It’s a collection of 100+ ebooks, courses and guides worth over $6,600 for only $50. There is no catch! It’s just that good. We are all trying to help each other through the chaos. Some may have bought the off-grid bundle before so you already know how much info you get.

The bundle includes things like:

•Stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal and help with chronic illnesses.
•Pull toxins out of your system, safely and effectively with doctor’s formulas.
•Make your own herbal medicine with natural remedies.
•Make your home chemical free and safe for you and your family. 
 •Forage medicinal herbs, healing plants, berries, and nature’s own superfoods.
•Protect yourself from harmful chemicals, artificial light and emf radiation.
•Finally overcome and heal childhood trauma with inner healing.
•Heal your inner child with heart-opening breath work and cacao ceremonies.
•Make body care products and cosmetics using plants and natural ingredients.
•Build a strong and powerful mindset to face challenges in your life
•Make healing food and juices to boost the health of yourself and those you love.
•Experience peak health with biohacking and light optimization
And so much more! But only available for 10 days starting today!

Now let’s take our health back and start 2023 with optimum health, energy and love for ourselves, JM(Admin)

Check it out HERE!
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2022-12-25 16:06:04
The gift of life and to be loved is the greatest gift of all. I hope you all feel so much love this Christmas.

From my home to yours…
Merry Christmas, JM(Admin)
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2022-12-05 21:18:38
Good afternoon all,

Exciting news! We are working on expanding our reach and impact by bringing our live podcast “Sharing Their Stories” to Rumble.

Please follow our new Covid Vaccine Victims Live channel on Rumble and stay tuned for new content!

We will also resume the stories here on our telegram channel, but I’ve been thinking how we can reach and impact more people and this is one of the ideas we came up with.

Please join and you will be the first to know when we go live.

Much love, JM(Admin)
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2022-12-04 19:13:53 Guys I guess for some reason my last message wasn’t clear enough. This account: @covid_vaccine_victimschat is FAKE. You can clearly identify which is real or fake by going to the top of the group and page.

The REAL pages are: @covidvaccinevictims AND @covidvaccinevictimschat

Clearly there is some sad soul out there desperate for attention or out to scam you. Don’t fall for it. I have said this to you many times.

Be careful! JM(Admin)
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