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Logo of telegram channel durov — Du Rove's Channel
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Thoughts from the CEO / Founder / Product Manager of Telegram.

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2024-02-03 11:51:45 The Saved Messages feature launched by Telegram 7 years ago has since become an industry standard.

But now it’s time for the industry to move beyond the simple “sending a message to myself” concept we introduced years ago. This past week, we evolved Saved Messages into an advanced yet easy-to-use Bookmarks/Favorites/Notes service, with new options to organize and view saved content.

This comes on top of many other features we launched this past month. Speaking of which, I personally love the animation of the new one-time voice and video messages — it is pure art. Enjoy!
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2024-01-18 20:42:13 We've made some great improvements to video message recording on iOS. Now, you can enjoy clearer video quality, switch between front and back cameras more quickly, experience less camera shake, and have the ability to pause and resume recording. Plus, we've introduced one-time video messages.

However, a minor bug was identified during the feature's initial launch two days ago. If you're encountering any issues with video message recording, please make sure your Telegram app is updated.

For our Telegram Premium subscribers, there's a mighty update: you'll now be able to see the 'last seen' of other users who share this information, even if you choose to keep your 'last seen' hidden. The same logic now applies for the ‘read’ times in private chats.

There are more new features in this update — they will remain secret until our official blog post is out later this month
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2024-01-09 17:01:49 5 million users are now subscribed to Telegram Premium — just 1 month (!) after we reached 4 million subscriptions.

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2023-12-31 18:35:20 I wish all our users peace, happiness, prosperity and inspiration in the new year. I have a very good feeling about 2024

Today we launched a new version of Telegram to let you congratulate your loved ones using our new, beautiful voice calls. The update contains a few surprises that we didn't cover in the blog – let's see if you can discover them

P. S. Stay healthy and don’t drink alcohol — don’t forget about the gym tomorrow
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2023-12-24 21:06:56 Merry Christmas, Telegrammers! The newest Telegram update lets you celebrate in style and congratulate your loved ones in new ways

With this update, you can also forward messages from channels to stories. Check out the full list of new features in our blog!

These are not all of our presents for you this festive season. Another major Telegram update is coming in the next few days

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2023-12-08 16:11:32 Launched less than one and a half years ago, Telegram Premium has become the fastest-growing paid subscription in the history of messaging apps.

The number of Premium subscribers has doubled in just 5 months and quadrupled in the last 12 months. Today it exceeded 4 million users.

A big thanks to everyone who signed up for Premium! We add great new features every month for our Premium subscribers — check them out at @premium
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2023-12-01 16:53:35 A major Telegram update with 11 new features is out, just 4 weeks after the previous one.

Among my favorite new features are Similar Channels and Story Reposts. Both give content creators new ways to grow their channels organically within Telegram.

Check out all the features in the blog post:

While our iOS users can already enjoy the new features, Android users are still waiting for the Google Play version to be reviewed by Google. If you use Android and don’t want to wait, you can download the direct version of Telegram. This version offers faster updates, fewer restrictions, and the lowest price for Telegram Premium subscriptions
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2023-11-06 20:04:22 Now every channel on Telegram can host FAIR giveaways.

What’s a giveaway?

It’s when someone promises to give out prizes to random followers

Many giveaways on social media were scams. There was no way to prove the winner was chosen fairly

Until now. Telegram is the first social media platform to natively support giveaways with guaranteed random selection + prepaid prize funds

Check out the demos here:
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