Ofc: May 17 8:30 Vi: May 18 8:30 https://t.me/f1interviewrevi | F1 visa interview Experiences ❁

Ofc: May 17 8:30
Vi: May 18 8:30
Both at New Delhi
Course: ASU MCS

Status: Approved

Interview time (30-45 secs ig)

Counter no: 11 (American Lady maybe in her mid 20s

VO: Pass me your passport and I20
Me: passed
VO: so you are currently unemployed ?
Me: Yes ma’am, I left my job last month
VO: What is your undergrad course
Me: Computer Science and Engineering
I mentioned about an application I am working on in my DS-160 form
VO: What is the chat application you are working on ?
Me: Told about it
VO: What is the name of the app ?
Me: Told some name

She put my passport in the side tray
VO: Your visa is approved (I wasn’t able to hear what she said. This is my guess )

Ran (more like speed walking) from the counter without turning back