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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates. Spring-2023
Please share your experience at https://tinyurl.com/f1experiences
The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-05-14 16:15:05 Delhi embassy
May 8: biometric
May 10: interview
In Time: 10:00
Out time :10:45
There was a very long waiting time for me but my interview time was less than a minute
Masters in Applied Clinical Research 2nd attempt
Me: Good Morning Officer. How are you today?
Vo: Good Morning. Great. What about you?
Me: I am doing good too officer

Vo: Can you please pass me your i20
Me: Here it is

Vo: So…..St. cloud state university?
Me:Yes officer

Vo: Why SCSU?
Me: Officer because it is the only university which provides masters in clinical research focusing on medical devices. Also I came to know about their extensive course curriculum when I had an admission interview with the program director professor XYZ. He explained to me about the electives and the internship program that this university provides.
I wanted to continue but vo asked the next question

VO: But why this course? Do you have any background related to it?
Me: Officer since I’ve done my ug in bachelors of pharmacy I’ve all the basic knowledge that my masters degree requires coz we were taught subjects that are very relevant to my masters subjects.
Also I’ve done industrial training in which we were given practical skills in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals including medical devices. I
published a research article about covid detection devices which got approved in an international journal. And presently I am working as an xyz in xyz company
So you see my bachelors, working experience and my masters are very connected.

VO: It says here that you have siblings in USA?
Me: yes I’ve 4 siblings in the states on work permit

VO: So who’s funding your education? Your brother?
Me: No, my mother is funding my education with her savings of xx lakh
VO: your brother stays in Minnesota?(same place as my university)
Me: No officer. He’s in Atlanta
VO: what about others siblings? Are they all over states?
Me: yes officer they’re in xyz places
VO: okay

Stays quiet for a while
Then asks me to scan my left hands fingers
I see him placing my passport in a tray

VO: your visas approved
Me: thank you officer
VO: have a nice stay in US
Me: I hope you have a good life ahead

1st attempt rejected in Hyderabad
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2022-05-14 16:00:36 Visa Experience
Biometrics - May 11, 2022
Interview - May 12, 2022
Location - DELHI
Status - Approved
University - East Tennessee State University
Course- Information Technology, specialising in Information Management.
Counter number - 10
Time - Morning Slot 11.00 -- IN TIME- 9.40 OUT--10.40
VO was an American man around 40 years old.

VO- Good morning, pass me your I20 and passport.
Me - Good morning sir, How are you?( by passing the documents)
VO -I am good, Thanks. Let’s start it by placing you left hand four fingers in the scanner.

Looking at my I20 and typing...

VO - Why East Tennessee?

Stopped typing and started looking at me…

Me - Officer, it’s because of the curriculum provided by this university. It helps me in acquiring the skills that I need to fulfil my future plans and this university is located near great smoky mountains and provides trekking club, which I am very much passionate about. So this university is giving me both co-circular and extra circular benefits.

VO - That’s a nice one.! what are the skills that you are looking for your future?

Me - Currently, my work experience includes fixing the technical bugs raised by our clients and we push the new version to our AWS cloud where we hosted our product for the client. I have a subject in my curriculum named Software project management which teaches me, how the planning phase is done and how development works are carried for a product design.

VO - Who is your sponsor?

Me -My father.

VO- what does your father do?

Me- Farmer

VO- Annual Income?


VO- Any loan

ME- Yes officer, from bank of Baroda worth Rs 25 Lakhs.

VO-Ok your visa has been approved, have a nice stay in US. Next one please..!!

Me - Thank you! You have a good day!

VO- You too.

VO was not typing in my case. He simply sat and listened my answers carefully even though they are long .
Approval rate in delhi is good.
2 boys and 1 girls are rejected in-front of me. By listening their answers, anyone would reject. So I wasn’t tensed as I prepared with good answers.
No documents checked.
Prepare in a way that when u say any answer, u should know what are the questions that u are going to get back. I just placed my file aside and spoke with all hand gestures.

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2022-05-14 15:45:04 13 may, 11:30
Delhi consultant
Counter 15
Pace University
Me: good morning
Vo: good morning pass me the documents
Vo: how many admits did u get?
Me: 2
Vo: what are they?
Me: drexel University and Seattle University
Tell me about your course curriculum
Vo: explain about your education loan
Me:27lakhs from avanse
Vo: your visa is accepted

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2022-05-14 15:30:48 Visa experience
Consulate - Delhi
Date - 6th may 2022
Time - 10:50am
College- Southern illinois university edwardsville
Course- CMIS
Vo is in his early 30’s
ME- good morning officer, how are you ?
VO- am good how are you? , pass me your passport and show your i20
ME- gave my passport, showed my i20
VO- so y siue
ME- siue is one of the reputed public university well known for research orientation.Its providing specialisation in business analytics and project management. ( Interrupted me)
VO-How is business related to you.
ME- As my under graduation is on CSE business play major role in the future. It will be helpful for me to even set up a firm.(Interrupted again)
VO- who is your sponsor?
ME-my dad and my brother are sponsoring me with 45lks and ( interrupted again)
VO- What does your father do?
ME- He has a self business of xxx
Vo- How many employs does he have?
Me-around xx
VO- Did you take any loan?
Me-No as the saving are sufficient for my education. I did not take any loan.
Vo saw my I20 regarding fees
VO -I see you also have a scholarship of xxxx
Me- Yes officer
Vo- Thats great! Congratulations your visa has been approved!
Me- Thank you so much officer! You have a good day!

Tips: Just don’t think about acceptance or rejection. The only thing in your hand is prepare well. Know more about your collage and course so that you can answer technical and give him no further questions to ask.
Be confident no matter what and definitely be loud
I saw a a-lot of rejections for speaking slowly, just be loud and confident.
Yes luck also matters because you do not know where you will be sent for the interview so just be positive and pray and do your best!
All the best!
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2022-05-14 15:15:10 Consulate : Delhi
Intake : Fall 2022
1st attempt
Stevens institute of technology
Biometrics :- 12th May 2022 (Delhi)
VI date :- 13th May 2022 (Delhi)
Slot time :- 11:10 AM
IN time :- 10:45 AM(go one hour before the interview, they called my slot time at that time itself)
Out time :- 11:10 AM

Lady Visa Officer, she has black hand glove on her left/right hand(Don't remember it exactly but its there), maybe fractured or something. Remember that, she's a goddess. She's approving everyone really fast, i mean super fast.

Course :- Masters in information systems
Status :- Approved!

She approved people in front of me very quickly. She drank some water before my interview so i was waiting for her signal. She signalled me and before I even reached there,

VO: pass me I20 and passport
Me: (a bit loud) Good morning officer! Here's my passport and i20
(She checked and typing)
VO:oh have you recently graduated?
Me: told

Haha just kidding, I said "Yes maam i have recently graduated...... I did my bachelor's in electronics and communication engineering."
VO: place your left hand on the scanner.
Me: my left hand?
Vo: yes
(I put my left hand)
Vo: collect your passport..(i couldn't hear what she said, i only heard 'collect your passport' part, she was being quick)
Me: Thank you officer.


All the best guys.

A tip for introverted people out there:- Try to be loud, it sounds confident.

The weather is really hot so be prepared for that too.
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2022-05-14 15:00:46 Location: delhi
May13 interview
Counter: 19 lot of rejections
Chineese guy white colour
Vo: why this university
Me: providing flexible course circullum where I can choose electivies like AI, ML, Data visualization
Vo: Why AI?
Me: it became an important technology in recent years and it is also linked to data science and by making use of AI We have more opportunities .
Vo: what is the job role looking for and why it is helpful for choosing this role?
Me: iam looking for a job role machine learning engineer. Because it is a part of AI interuptted you didn't catched my question reapply again.

Note: please give me suggestions
This is my second attempt. This chineese guy rejected the F1 students four members in front me by asking same question why this university.
So be well prapare about this question.
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2022-05-14 14:45:03 F1 visa interview experience

VAC: May 10th
VI: May 11th
Slot :10:20
In Time: 9:30
Interview time: 20 to 30 secs
Out time: 10:30
Location: Delhi
Status : Approved
Counter: 21(Indian lady in her 20s)
Term: Fall 22
University: California State University, Fresno


Me: Good morning ma'am, How's your day?

VO: Fine, Pass me your passport,i-20

Me: Yes officer

VO: So you are going to California State University....

Me: Fresno... California State University Fresno for doing MSCS, officer.(At this time, I can clearly see that she is typing the University name)

VO : So why are you going to this University?

Me: (Before I even started my answer she dropped my passport in the tray...)The faculty are very attentive towards the students as the batch size of the University is just around 50. In this University, The Computer science curriculum is the major motive that lured me which consists of the courses like Human Computer interaction, Design and analysis.....(VO interpted)

VO: Congratulations, your visa has been approved. Next please!

Me:Thank you officer... I went out with confusion about what just happened .

This group has helped me a lot. Thank you guys.
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2022-05-14 14:30:29 Here is my turn today -
Consulate - delhi
Vi - 13 may
Slot time - 11:10
In time - 10 am and out time - 11am
Southern Arkansas University
Fall 2022
Status - approved
Vo - pass me your documents ( i haven't said good morning also and passed my i20 and passport)
Vo - y this university
Me - This university is offering courses related to web development as I am having work experience related to this field ( interupted)
Vo - which skill you want to update
Me - i want to develop the skill which related to development of both front end and backend such that I will become proficient as a full stack web developer
Vo - funding
Me - told
Vo - father business and income
Me - told

And finally heard the golden words, your visa is approved.
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2022-05-14 14:15:06 OFC : 11th May Delhi
VI : 13th May Delhi
Slot Time : 10.30 am
In time : 9 a.m.
Out time : 10 a.m.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Status: Approved

Counter 15: American bald guy
Me: Good morning sir, how are you doing?
Vo: I'm great, how are you?
Me: I'm great sir, thankyou.!
Vo: how did your parents feel when you got admit from siue.
Me: They were so happy sir.
Vo: Who is paying your tution fee.
Me: My father is sponsoring me with his savings of 30 lakhs and I have a loan of 40 lakhs from HDFC credila.
Vo : I'm keeping your passport, your visa is approved.

Good luck everyone.!
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2022-05-14 14:00:06 Consulate : Delhi
Intake : Fall22
1st attempt
Western Illinois University University
Biometrics :- 10May(Delhi)
VI date :- 12May (Delhi)
Slot time :- 10:40AM
IN time :- 8:15AM
Out time :- 9:15AM
Counter no:- 21american bald guy
Course :-Master’s in computer and information science
Status :- Approved

Me: Good morning officer.
VO : Good morning
VO: Please pass your passport and I-20
Me: Sure,here they are.

VO: How many admits did you get?(he's voice is too low mic was not working can't hear at all i irritated him for 1 min that his mic is not working i can't hear you .At last he reseted his mic with volume and started my interview)

Me:  yes sir i got 3 admits along with western illinois university

Vo : Did you get accepeted in all universities?

Me: yes officer

VO: name them ?
Me :  western illinois university,valparaiso university, saint leo university and  marist college
(Seeing my ds160 form )

Vo: working in accenture right?

Me: yes officer

Vo: passed in 2021 right ?

Me: yes officer.

Vo: have you written gre exam?

Me: yes sir i have taken yhe gre exam

Vo : what is the score ?

Me: 296 sir

Vo: tell me about your fundings?

Me: my father is funding for my education with savings of xxx lakhs and top of that i have received merit scholarship from university of 4000$ and we do have immovable assests worth xxxx crs.

Vo: Have you taken any loan ?

Me :No officer the savings which my father have is sufficient for my tution fees and living expenses if any emergency we can liquidate our immovable assests.

Vo: Do you have any sibilings?
Me: yes officer one elder brother
Vo: what is he doing?
Me: He is also persuing his masters in xxx univeristy in xxxx state

Vo : place your right hand and then left hand. Your visa is approved
Me: thank you sir
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