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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates. Spring-2023
Please share your experience at https://tinyurl.com/f1experiences
The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-04-13 19:02:01 Attempt: First
Consulate : Mumbai
Biometrics:5th April 9.00 AM
Visa interview : 12th April
Duration : 100 seconds
Slot Time : 10 Am
In time : 9.10
Out time :10. 20
Counter :32
Status : Approved
University: Depaul
Intake : Summer
Course : MS in Business Analytics
Officer : American officer, young, receding hairline
He rejected atleast 7 members infront of me and I had lost all hopes.
Me: *Super firm with a smile*. Good morning officer, how are you doing?
VO: *Didn't care to respond* Pass me your passport and I-20
Passed. * I Continued talking while I passed it with a smile" Now he smiles back
VO : Why are you going to the US?
Me : I am going to the US to pursue my masters in business analytics from DePaul University.
VO: And how are you going to afford it?
Me : My sister is my primary sponsor. Her income is xxx p.a. She and i have a combined savings of xxx amount.
*By now Vo is already placing my passport in the box. I couldn't believe my own eyes and yet i continued*
I have secured a loan of xxx amount and i have immovable assets worth xxx.
Vo: It's also given that you have a scholarship!
Me: *By now I'm super confident* Yes it's provided to international students with excellent track record. (not sure if I fumbled a bit out of excitement. But i was still loud and clear)
Vo: *Kept nodding his head while he was typing*
Golden words: I am approving your visa. (In low tone - place four fingers for your left hand)
Asked him to repeat.
Vo: right four fingers.
(As my fingers were sweaty, had to use left hand to confirm) *i still kept eye contact and said sorry my hands are a little sweaty
VO: No problem. It's okay
Me: Thank you officer, have a nice day.

He passed me my i-20 back with a slip with details on passport pickup/ delivery. I just wanted to confirm my delivery method and asked him. He told latest delivery method updated in site will be where it'll be delivered.

I rushed with joy. After seeing multiple rejections infront me, I observed that its all about ur university ranking, how confident you are and how well dressed you are. Stand straight, keep the conversation going and look warm. Visa is yours.

They are professionals EOD and they just want to see if you're good to go to the US. I also noticed that they talk a lot to people with poor communication skills (like grammer and guys with a low fumbling voice). I kept making mental notes to speak as fast and clearly as possible. No document will be asked if you seem confident about what you talk.

While I watched in the queue, a guy got literally grilled for 5 min by the bald American VO. Student kept his cool and answered every question with ease. Was finally approved. Thats what uplifted my confidence.

All the best to all your visas and this group is soul of my confidence.
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2022-04-13 18:24:18 2nd attempt.
Delhi 11
Vo: come forward
Me : very good morning officer
Vo: pass me ur documents
Me: passed
Vo: Cleveland state university right?
Me: yes officer
Typing for almost 2 mins
Ur visa is approved
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2022-04-13 17:59:01 I wd like to share my F 1 Visa experience
1st Attempt
VAC Appointment :Delhi Consulate
Consular Appointment:New Delhi Consulate

Date : 10th april
Slot time : 10.30am VAC

Date : 13 April
Slot time : 10.10 am VI
In time 9.30 am
Out time 10.30 am

University: Lamar University texas
Intake: summer intake may

VO - American bald officer
Counter nob:- 13


ME - Good Morning mam
VO - Good morning boy
Looking at the computer screen & typing, then he looked at me
VO- pass your I-20 and passport through window
ME - I just passed my i20 passport and Passport communicating by eye contact
He was typing & looking at my documents . .
VO-How many universities do you apply for?
ME - Apart of Lamar i have applied for four universities ..
VO - What are they?
ME- Apart from LU I Have applied for BRIDGEPORT,NEWHAVEN,Dayton , UNIVERSITY OF Cleveland (GOT TENSED)
He is typing again Iam just looking at her
Me:- I HAVE many reasons to go Lamar, first and foremost reason is, a part of tier one research organisation Lamar University courses curriculum is designed in such a way that ican choose subjects from both management and technology and ...Lamar provides me best curriculum... interrupted
Vo:- what type of best curriculum?
Me :- said about electives and something related to course (in a while he placed my passport in tray)
Vo :- any loan ?
Me :- yes officer i have secured a loan of 24 lakhs 60 thousand ....
Vo :- place your left hand fingers i am approving your visa.
Me done placing and returned to go
Vo :- wait gentlemen... ( I got scared)
Vo :- your finger is not scanned properly and tried three times still not working I scared too much
And after asked me to place all finger including thumb and done.

Me : felt a huge relief then said Thankyou officer

I saw few people who were not approved also
One boy infront of me was also approved f1

Thankyou all
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2022-04-13 16:49:01 First attempt Delhi
Biometrics: 11th April
Visa interview : 12th April
Slot Time : 10:40 am
Counter :21
Status : Approved
University:University of Central Missouri
Intake : Summer
Course : MS in computer system analysis
Officer : American lady officer
Me: good morning officer , how are you doing
VO: good morning, i am doing good , thank you
VO : Which university
Me : university of Central Missouri
Vo: which year passed out
Me: 2019
VO: Why do you want to go to US
Me : I want to pursue my master's in computer system analysis with specialization of big data analytics at University of Central Missouri
Vo: what are your plans after master's
Me: I want to pursue my career as a data scientist in top multi national companies like Amazon, google, Microsoft
Vo: Are you working
Me: yes, I'm working as ××× in ××× company more than two years
Vo: who is funding
Me: My mother is sponsoring for me with her savings of 35 lakhs and also I have acquired loan of 20 lakhs from ×× bank
VO : ok, Your visa is approved
Me : Thank you so much officer

In my observation its all about your university. How confident you are stand straight,keep eye contact,don't fumble, speak loud. They will end interview in short span. I literally got happy tears. No documents asked she just asked my i20. This is all because how well you dress up speak little fumble ok more importantly eye contact.

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2022-04-13 16:01:01 First attempt
Location: Delhi
Slot time: 8: 30 am IST
Date: 13 april
Course: Bachelors of computer science
Status: Approved
Vo: hi, good morning
Me: morning mam.
Vo: pass me ur i20 and passport
Me: sure mam
Vo:Wright state uni, right?
Me:yeah mam
Vo: congrats ur visa is apporved
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2022-04-13 15:46:45 Date: 11-04-2022
Consulate: Delhi
Slot time: 11:30AM
In time: 11:50AM

Out time: 12:14
University : University of bridgeport
VO: American bald guy

1st attempt: Approved

ME: Hello Officer, Goodafternoon
VO: Hey buddy goodafternoon

VO: Pass me your documents
ME: Passed my passport, I-20 and DS160

VO: Why this University?
Me: Well officer the University of bridgeport is ranked among top 300 universities in us. The university is offering courses like Big data along with hadoop which very well aligns with my work experience. Moreover the CS dept of the university is doing a research on enhanced deep learning on database for face detection in static and video sequence which happens to be my area of interest.

VO: Tell about your roles and Responsibilities?
Currently working in xxx as senior data ops analyst and my responsibilities are to convert the user’s unstructured data into structured data and analyse & tailor them to cater to the client’s requirements

VO : How many admits? And what are they?
ME: 3 admits from Lewis, celevland, Bridgeport and st Leo is still under review

VO: with a smile he said you’re visa is approved collect it after 5 days
ME: Thank you officer

Tip: Be confident, Listen carefully, speak loudly and clearly in concise manner and dress well !

All glory to Jesus
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2022-04-13 10:33:01 Delhi consulate
Attempt 6
Date 10 April &11 April
Bachelor degree in computer science at lewis University
Me: good morning officer
Vo: good morning please pass me your passport and i 20
Me: sure
Vo: why your going to usa
Me:to pursue my bachelor degree in computer science at lewis University
Vo: tell about your funding
Me: my father is sponsoring to my education and living expenses with his saving of 75 lakhs and also I have education loan of 35lakhs from bank of india
Vo:ok your visa was approved
Me: thank you officer
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2022-04-13 09:32:01 First attempt Delhi
Biometrics: 27th March Hyd
Visa interview : 07th April(Rescheduled)
Original date: 8th April Mumbai
Slot Time : 08:30 am
Counter :21
Status : Approved
University : Auburn university at Montgomery
Intake : Summer
Course : MS in Computer information systems and cybersecurity
Officer : American lady officer
Me: good morning Ma'am
VO: good morning
VO: Pass me your i20 and passport
VO: place your left hand fingers
Me : Yes ma'am
VO: what other universities did you apply
Me : Aum, Depaul, New England, Cleveland
VO : What's your GPA
Me : My cgpa is 5.4
VO : Why's it so low?
Me : I graduated last July 2021 from IIT. It's is one of the top 5 universities so grading is very strict at my university. (This wasn't the answer I prepared, I just told whatever came to my mind)
VO: Did you have any failures?
Me: Sorry(Couldn't hear her properly)
VO: Did you have any backlogs?
Me: Yes ma'am. I've had few backlogs(Luckily she didn't ask how many?)
VO: Are they cleared now?
Me: Yes ma'am I cleared them all.
VO : Ok. Did you take GRE.
Me : No, Ma'am My university waived GRE due to covid.
VO : what other tests did you write
Me : I gave Duolingo ma'am
VO: Only that?
Me : Yes ma'am
VO: Okay tell me about your 1st semester classes
Me : Told
VO : How are you going to manage your funds
Me : We have savings worth 70 lakhs and we also took a loan from ICICI.
(She stopped typing and was staring at me)
I continued that my parents are sponsoring me their combined annual income is 68 lakhs per annum.
Told their occupation
VO: I'm approving your visa. Collect your passport after a week. Have a good day.
Me: Thank you ma'am.

Saw many rejections on that day. Especially on counter 17 a American guy wearing spectacles rejected 6 members.
No need to be loud. Just be confident. Luck matters. All the best.

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2022-04-13 08:32:01 Biometrics- 5th April
Visa Interview appointment - 11th April
Mumbai consulate
Status- Approved
Visa officer is a female in her late 50s or 60s
University- University of Florida
VO- Hey, how are you?
Me- I am good what about you?
VO- Pass me your i20 and passport
Me- I already have a spring 2021 visa, went to UFL for spring 2021 had to come back for surgery
VO- So you were studying and went "Out of Status"
Me- Yes( I handed her the letter from my college explaining my Medical Withdrawal for spring 2021)
VO- Okay, great.
Typing, rest your 4 fingers on the scanner
VO- I am issuing you a Visa
Me- Thank you mam, have a good day!
VO- Have a good day

It is not luck dependent, it totally depends upon how you present yourself and how your interview skills are. I saw 2 H1B approvals and some F1 rejections. Be confident, dress well, be loud and clear. University does matter.
Thank you. Hope this helps

I was out of sevis status, Due to 5 month rule
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2022-04-13 08:09:01 First attempt Delhi
Biometrics: 11 th April
Visa interview : 12th April
Slot Time : 11:10 am
Counter :16
Status : Approved
University:Saint Louis University
Intake : Summer
Course : MS in computer and information science
Officer : American lady officer
Me: good morning officer , how are you doing today
VO: Which university?
Me : Saint louis university
VO: Please place your four fingers on screen
Me : Done
VO : Why this university?
Me : Because the course curriculum offered by this university is so flexible for me to choose my own area of interest and i am confident that i am gonna get world class education this university.Moreover the univ is offering me a scholarship of6k $ based on my academics and scholarship interview.
V.O : Who is funding your education?
Me : I have an approved educational loan of xx from xx bank and savings if xx on top of this my father is gonna sponsor me.
V.O : What does your father do ?
Me. : My father is bascically into farming and he grows crops like chilles and paddy and export them to other states.

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