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F1 visa interview Experiences ❁

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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates.
Please share your experience at
The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-05-18 14:45:08 CHENNAI
First attempt
CLEVELAND State University
April 04 Vi
When did you completed your ug
Me: I have completed by 2017 in electrical engineering

What are you did after that?

Me: have worked automation developer for zoho for 4 years
After that Quality assurance engineer in Amazon (he interrupted)

Vo:You work for Amazon?

Yes, but now am unemployed

Vo:Why you left?

As am quality assurance engineer, want to become development engineer. Masters will be helpful for that to become devlopment engineer and technical lead. For masters only I left work.

Place your finger, you are not approved this time!

Second attempt
Cleveland state University
May 10 Vi
Vo: Why you got 1000$ scholarship

I have 4.5 years work experience in computer industry. That's why may be

Vo: which university
Cleveland state University

Vo: seems you got rejected, why

It was on chennai, i was bit nervous. Am not able to explain love towards computer science and how it will helpful for my future goals

Vo: you are not approved.

Thank you
Vo:Thanks for visiting embassy

Third attempt Delhi

May 17 VI
Same university, no change in ds 160

Vo:what course you are going for
Computer science
Vo:what are the universities you applied for?
University of dayton, Cleveland, umkc
Vo:when did you graduated
Vo: what are you doing since!?
Was automatiom developer on zoho product based company. After that moved to Amazon as QAE
Vo: what was the salary in Amazon
X. XxL per month
Vo:What was your undergraduate score?
Vo:any backlog?
Yes 5 have cleared that
Vo: funding?
Secured loan and savings
Visa approved.
Deivamae thank you Deivamae
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2022-05-18 14:30:20 Hi! I want to share my interview experience

1st attempt approved
May 17
Slot time : 11:30
In time : 11:10
Fall 2022

Indiana University Bloomington(MSCS)
Counter 19 indian American man
He approved 2 people infront of me

Me- good morning officer
Vo- well.hello there! Please pass me your passport and i20.
Me- Sure here you go officer.
Vo- indiana university is it?
Me- yes officer
Vo- what course are you going to study
Me- I am going to study masters in computer science officer (vo starts typing university name and holds passport on his left hand)
Vo- how many other admits did u get?
Me - said
Vo- name them?
Me- told
Vo- place ur left hand 4 fingers (slowly moves my passport towards tray)
Vo-who are funding you?
Me- told my parents are sponsoring
Vo- what do they do and what is their annual income?
Me - told
Vo- how much total savings they have to fund you for ur studies?
Me- xx lakhs all together officer
Vo- okay very good i am approving your visa(places passport in tray) and u can collect after 5days
Me- Thank you so much officer!!
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2022-05-18 14:15:10 First attempt

Appointment date- 17th MAY, 2022


Location: Delhi

Appointment Time: 10:30 am

In time: 09:00 am

Out time: 10:00 am ( Interview time around 30 sec)

University: University of Central Missouri

Course: MS in Computer Science

Counter No. 21
(VO was in his 25) American lady(looks like an Angel )

Me: Good morning Officer

VO: Good Morning. How are you?

Me: I'm fine officer. Thanks for asking.

VO: Pass me your details (I20 and Passport)

Me: Here it is

Vo: oh! You are working in Amazon.

Me: Yes Officer. I'm working in Amazon

Vo: Place your right hand fingers( Picked up my passport and kept it in a tray)

Me: Thank you officer.
Me before going to embassy listened to kgf(sulthana) in loop and also Visited chilkur Balaji temple.

All the best to all of you guys.

This Group helped me a lot Thanks, everyone.

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2022-05-18 13:58:24 Biometrics : 15th May 2022
Appointment date:17th may, 2022
Location : Delhi
Appointment Time: 11.20 AM
In time: 10:40am(inside the interview room)
Queue outside was long and had to wait in line for 40 mins
Out time: 11:15am
University: University of Washington,Tacoma
Course: MS in business analytics
Counter No. 19
American Indian guy
Me: Hi! Good morning officer
VO: passport and i20 please
Me: passed
VO: seeing into his system for almost a minute (think he was looking at my ds-160)
Vo: Why this university
Me: This course aligns with my interest and tried to continue
Vo:come closer to Mike and let us forget everything and begin again
VO: scan your right hand 4 fingers
Me: done
VO: how many admits you have
Me: Total 3.other 2 are University at buffalo and university of Arizona
VO: how about your funding
Me: I have edu loan of xx,personal savings of xx and parents savings of xx amount(told all in lac)
VO: I see you have done your post graduation (with double quotes using his finger),when did you do it
Me: I did not hear clearly and thought he is asking why masters again and started saying.. as it will help me in my career
VO: miss,when did you complete your last masters course
Me:sorry officer,it was in 2018
VO: why did you wait so long to apply for masters again for this program
Me: I wanted to have management experience related to business operations... Tried to continue but
VO: ok your visa is approved,Took passport and put it in the tray
Me: I was still confused ..but told thanks officer you made my day with a happy face
VO: ya ya ,now get out of here .. in a poker face friendly way :)

I don't know if my experience will help anyone here as I do not have complete answers for questions but I wanted to share

I want to say this was my first time and I was very nervous but it is easier than you think if you look confident and sometimes your profile speaks more than you know .
No docs were asked .I was hardly there for 2 mins

I want to thank this group as I did go through a lot of experiences shared here and also prepared for mock independently and with a friend.
Tip: read through experiences here but have your own answers prepared and do not practice till last minute .Once you are inside forget everything and think of it as a normal interview.
Interviewers do not have a lot of time is what I noticed so keep your answers short
I wish all a very best with your visa.
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2022-05-18 11:45:03 Biometric: 15th May
Visa interview: 17th May
University: Kelley school of business - Indiana University Bloomington

Program: MS in Finance
Status : Approved

So first they send you to a counter where you're supposed to give your I20, passport and SEVIS fee confirmation.

After that, they let you proceed to the waiting area. The VO will ask you to place your fingers on the scanner.

Me: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning. Please pass me your passport and I20

VO: so tell me about your course
Me: The MS in finance course requires students to complete 31 credits and allows them to choose between different tracks such as corporate finance, Investment Banking, Investment Management, etc. Out of these Investment Management is my primary area of interest.


VO: How are you going to finance this?
Me: My father will be sponsoring me with this savings

VO: What does he do?
Me: He owns multiple footwear showrooms in Madhya Pradesh and employs more than 20 people

VO: Congratulations, your visa is approved!
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2022-05-18 11:28:47 F1 Student Visa Experience
Consulate: New Delhi
Visa interview Date: 23 August 2021
Slot time: 12:00am
In time: 11:30
Out time 11:45
Counter: Don't know
Status: rejected
University: University of the Potomac
vo was an american lady who was in his mid 30's

Consulate New Delhi
SECOND attempt
Date : 04 October , 2021
Slot : 9.00
In time : 8.00
Out time : 8.30
University : University of the Potomac (same University)
Status: Rejected
3rd attempt: New Delhi
VAC:15th may
Vi:17th may
Slot time. 11.30
Out time: 11.00
University : Saint Louis University
Status: Approved
Visa officer is American lady
Me: good morning officer, Happy Tuesday
VO. Why Saint Louis University
Me: I choose this University because the course curriculum has matched my area of interest and also this University has extensive lab. Saint Louis University is well known for Biochemistry.Moreover the students faculty ratio is also good that is 9:1

After taking a long pause

VO: Why Biochemistry?
ME: I choose this course..........................
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you offer you made my day.
And kept my passport in the tray and took my fingerprint

Guys i would suggest everyone to go to delhi only there are lot of approvals
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2022-05-18 11:00:05 F1 visa interview experience
Biometric : 15th May, 2022 (Delhi VAC
Visa interview: 17th May, 2022
Place : Delhi embassy
University : DePaul University, Chicago
Intake : Fall 2022(September)
Interview Time : 11:00 am (IST)
In time : 10:15 am
Out time: 11:15 am
Counter 20 :Visa officer was American bald guy

Conversation is as follows:-
Me: Good morning officer, how are you doing today?
VO: Good morning, pass me your documents ( passport, i20 and sevis Fee receipt)
Me: passed them
VO:(looking at i20) how many universities have you applied to ?
Me: I applied to 4 universities ( California Baptist University, DePaul University, St. Louis University, Cleveland State University)
VO: how many admits you got?
Me: officer, out of 4 I got admits in 3 university
VO: Which one you choose and why?
Me: I have selected DePaul University, because it offers me the course of HCI, it has a graduation ratio of 94% which speaks about quality of education the University is delivering to students (VO interrupted)
VO: how are you going to find your program?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me for my program, with their savings of Xxx lakhs , also I have secured an education loan of xx lakhs from ABC bank, and the university has also offered me scholarship of xxxx dollars as per my academic profile.
VO: What does your parents do ?
Me: My father works is an accountant by profession in a private company since past 23 years(vo interrupted)
VO: what is your father ?
Me: (repeated ) he is an accountant by profession.
VO: ohh he is an accountant!!
Me: Yes officer.
VO: and you mother ?
Me: she is a govt. Employee and works as a primary school teacher in my home town, they both were working in thier profession since past 23 years

Finally the golden words arrived
Place you left hand 4 fingers i am approving your Visa

You can collect you passport within 5 days.
Notes :
- Guys Delhi has a good approval rate as compared to other consulates
- Today i have around my 10 of friends in group and luckily we all have been approved
- Don't fumble just get yourself chill and answer very calmly
- I also having some dear earlier but once I got into the embassy and my turn went so fast that i couldn't even imagine what was fumbleness and fear
- it hardly takes around 1to 2 minutes at most for the conversation so be calm and everyone do your best.
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2022-05-18 10:45:10 Attempt: First
Consulate : Delhi
Biometrics: 17th May 3.45 PM
Visa interview : 18th May
Duration : Around 1 minute
Slot Time : 11:10 AM
In time : 10:10
Out time : 11:20
Counter : 13
Status : Approved
University: Depaul
Intake : Fall
Course : MS in Computer Science
Officer : Indian VO
He was accepting almost everyone infront of me
Me: Good morning officer, how are you doing?
VO: *Didn't care to respond* Pass me your passport and I-20
VO : Tell me about your course
Me : I explained why I choose Computer Science and said i was interested in Data science.
VO: Why are you interested in Data science
Me : Explained why I am into data science.
VO: Who is funding you.
Me: My father. Didn't mention the amount and loan(forgot)
VO: What does your do.
Me: Said about my fathers job.
VO: Do you have any siblings.
Me: Said.
VO: Asked where they live.
Me: I said in India.
Golden words: I am approving your visa.
Me: Thank you officer, have a nice day.
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2022-05-18 10:33:08 Biometric: May 11,Delhi
VI : 17th Delhi
Course: Ms in computer science
Counter 20
American chilled guy in his 40’s
Vo: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir
Vo: Pass me your passport and I20
Me : Ok, passed

Vo: What are the universities that you have applied
Me : Apart from Wright state University, i have applied for university of Cincinnati , texas A&M,new haven
Vo: your visa is approved,collect after 5 days
Me : Thanks sir, you made my day
I saw very few rejections today, only 1 out of 4 is getting rejected, My university is wright state university
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2022-05-17 20:52:24 ~New Delhi, May 17th, 11 AM, Counter: 13, American lady with boy-cut hair, In Time: 10:45 AM, Out Time 11:30 AM, Interview duration: 30-45 seconds.
~University: Purdue University Northwest, MBA (General).

Me: Good Morning, I hope you're staying safe in these trying times.

Visa Officer: Haha, Good Morning. Pass me your passport & I-20 & place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: Said yes ma'am & passed.

Visa Officer: So are you working right now?
Me: Yes ma'am. I'm working at Amazon as an HR Assistant & recently I've been moved to another HR Department as HR Specialist. I process leaves for Amazon US employees.

Visa Officer: Great! Are you prepared for the Chicago winter?
Me: Yes ma'am. Winter will be coming, like Game of Thrones, but I'm mentally prepared.

Visa Officer: hahaha
Me: hehehe

Visa Officer: Your Visa has been approved. Collect your passport after a week.
Me: Thank you so much ma'am! Have a great day ahead!!
Visa Officer: You too.

She didn't ask me about Funding or, why this University or, why MBA or, anything!! I think she was in a good mood as I saw she approved two Visas infront of me though she asked a lot of questions to them.
I didn't maintain eye contact, neither prepared any questions as I wanted to answer naturally so that my answers doesn't look like prepared answers.
Interview went for just 30-45 seconds.
They don't have any facility for drinking water, they've a water tap though but no glass or, cup to drink. I was so thirsty as it was super hot.
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