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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates. Spring-2023
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The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-05-17 07:49:01 First attempt

Appointment date- 13th MAY, 2022


Location: Delhi

Appointment Time: 10:30 am

In time: 09:50 am

Out time: Around 11:50 am ( Interview time around 40 sec.)

University: Northeastern University

Course: MS in Engineering Management

Counter No. 14
(VO was in his 40s) Indian guy

Me: Good morning,

VO: Good Morning

VO: Pass me your details (I20 and Passport)

Me: Here it is

Vo: So, Northeastern University Boston, Nice

Me:Yes Officer

Vo: How many University you applied for and got admitted to?

Me: I've applied for 6 universities officer and got admitted to 5 of them.NEU, UCB, UIUC, UMass, Carnegie Mellon

Vo: How you are going to Fund your education?

Me: My Father and my sister is going to Sponsor my education with their savings of ×× lakhs. and I have secured ** lakhs of loan.

VO: Your CGPA in Undergrad

Me:- 8.31 out of 10

VO: picked up my passport and kept it in a tray and said collect it after some days.

Me: Thank you so much officer and I Ran without seeing anyone

All the best to all of you guys.

This Group helped me a lot Thanks, everyone.

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2022-05-17 07:24:01 Biometric: May 2 , Mumbai  (09:00)
VI: May 16th, Mumbai (10:00 )
Course: Biotechnology
Intake : Fall
Counter No: 32
Status: Approved
Me: Hello , Good Morning Officer
VO: Good Morning Young Man

VO: Ohh, UMBC. What was your  UG CGPA and when did you pass out ?
Me: I have completed my Undergraduation in 2020 with 9.37 CGPA
VO: By looking at my DS-160, are you working for TATA rn ?
Me: Yes officer.

VO: I think he was looking at my DS 160 ( meanwhile I was standing there for 2-3 mins while he was typing, and he was about to ask about my financials and suddenly asked to scan my right hand fingers)
Me: Okay officer
VO : okay young man, your visa is approved, collect it in 5 days and passed me white slip
Me: Thank you so much officer
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2022-05-17 07:00:33 Mumbai Consultate
Status - Rejected
University - San Jose State University

Slot - 10:20 but they allowed me at 10:00
Vo Chinese Guy; Counter #34

Vo - Come Forward
Vo - Good Morning, sir.
Me - Hello officer Good Morning

Vo - Why San Jose State University?
Me - SJSU provides varied curriculum, consisting of finance subjects, business analytics and data mining, which is critical for my role . Professors are from esteemed organizations, which will help us during lectures

Typed for almost 5 mins.

Vo - Place your right hand on scanner. I cannot approve your visa this time. Gave me 214b slip.
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2022-05-17 06:22:01 Biometrics- May6th, Delhi
Vi- May 11th, Chennai
Status - Approved!
University - Arizona State University, software engineering.
Slot - 10am .
Entry time- 9 am
Out time- 9:45 am
Counter 28, American bald guy in 40s
Vo - Come Forwad.Good Morning. How are you?
Me - Hello officer Good Morning. I am good thanks for asking.
Vo - What is your Under graduation ?
Me - Did my bachelors in CSE from xxx college name
Vo- when did you graduate?
Me- July 2021 sir.
Vo - what's your Undergraduate project ?
Me- explained about the project briefly.
Vo- so you want to Study about ML in more detail?
Me- Not particularly ML. I want to gain indepth knowledge of software development.
Vo- what have you been doing since your graduation?
Me- after my graduation I started working as Xxx in Xxx company.
Vo- is it a big company?
Me- yes sir it is. It's a software product company based in Canada.
Vo- so not a US company.(laughed)
Me- (smiling) it's not sir.
Vo- do you have anu siblings?
Me- I have an elder brother.
Vo- what is he doing now?
Me- He completed his masters in Canada and came back to India
Vo- sorry what
Me- he completed his masters from xxx univ and came back to India
Vo- then why not Canada?
Me- us universities mainly focus on the practical implementation of things we learn in our curriculam and the degree is of great value. So didn't think of another country.
Vo- What does your father do?
Me- He is working as a state government employee in xxx organisation , designated as xxx from the past 21 years.
Vo - alright then i am approving your visa. Place your 4 left fingers. All the very best!
Me- thank you so much sir. Have a good day!
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2022-05-17 05:53:01 Interview date -May 13th
Consulate -Hyderabad
Time -9:00am
(Had drop box appointment on 25th April but was asked to come to interview and fingerprints on 13th may for further review)
Course- Masters in Computer Science
University- University of Dayton

Me - Hi ma'am Good Morning!
VO - Good Morning, Let’s start with your fingerprints
VO - Pass me your i20( She had my passports)

VO- What are all the schools that you applied to?
Me-I have applied to 8 universities and got admits from 5 of them, they are…. (Named 5,She stopped me there and asked the next question)

VO- So why did you choose university of Dayton over others?
Me-University of Dayton has flexible curriculum where I can study subjects related to my area of interest that is Machine Learning and the core courses offered by the university like advanced concepts of programming language, DBMS will give me the necessary computer science background. Also, I am looking forward to studying under the guidance of Prof Mehdi Zargham who has more than 25 years of teaching experience and currently handles ML,VR at the university.

VO – How does your background support your master’s degree?
Me- I did my under graduation in electronics and communication engg, I had a chance to choose electives like python programming and ML ,I also worked on a project Early detection of epilepsy using Machine learning during my bachelors. I am currently working as a developer at XX where I learned how to deploy applications using AWS. This experience would be helpful for me.

VO -How are you funding your education?
Me – We were sanctioned an educational loan of Rs. XX Lakhs, from YY bank also my father is co-sponsoring with his savings of Rs. ZZ. Lakhs Along with these we also have immovable property worth Rs. AA Lakhs

VO – What’s your father?
Me – He is an attorney (stopped here but she kept nodding so continued)
He has been an advocate for 27 years now and his current income is Rs BB . Since he is a private advocate his income varies every year, he had earned higher amount in the initial years which he has been saving for my education

VO- Alright, your visa’s been approved, you may take your i20
Me- Thank you ma’am.
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2022-05-17 05:20:09 Mumbai biometrics and interview (8&9thMay)
Summer intake 2022.
New England college
Counter :30
Vo: American lady in her late 40s
Passed Passport and i20
How many admits and name them?
4 admits
New England college, Saint Leo, Atlantis University and Sacred Heart University.
Vo: okay!
Vo : is your brother in USA
Me: Yes but I don't know where he is we are not in contact since years due to some issues
Vo : okay okay !
Me : yes ma'am
VO typing and scrolling for 40 50 secs
Vo : So you have done your B-Pharm Hmm!!!
What's your CGPA?
Me : yes ma'am 7.03 CGPA ma'am
Vo : okay!
Typing and scrolling for 20 sec
Vo : So you're having 1 year work experience..!!
Me : yes ma'am as a pharmacist
Vo : okay!
Again typing for 20 30 secs
Vo: put your right hand on the scanner
Me : Placed my right hand fingers
Vo : passed me my passport, i20 and 214b slip ask me to go through the 214b form
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2022-05-16 20:30:35 1st attempt
Location: Chennai
Date(biometrics): 08/05/2022
Time: 4PM
Date(interview): 13/05/2022
Time: 8:00AM
Status: Approved
Counter number: 22
Young American VO
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Me: Hello officer. Good morning
VO: Hello. Good morning. How are you doing?
Me: I'm good officer, thank you! How are you doing?
VO: I'm good. Please give me your passport, I20 and your SEVIS fee receipt.
Me: (hands them over)
VO: So you are going to University of Alabama at Birmingham, that's the main campus?
Me: yes sir
VO: Why did you choose University of Alabama?
Me: I chose University of Alabama because it is a public university with a student to faculty ratio of 13:1 and because of its flexible curriculum.
VO: Okay. So you finished your under graduation from XYZ university? And what's your CGPA
Me: Yes sir. My CGPA is 7.18
VO: Who is your sponser?
Me: My father is my sponser.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: He works as XYZ in XYZ
VO: What is his annual income?
Me: his annual income is XY lakhs.
VO: What is his role? (Again)
Me: repeated
VO: Which all universities did you apply to?
Me: Northern Arizona University, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, University of Pacific and University of Alabama at Birmingham.
VO: Do you have any siblings?
Me: yes officer i have a younger sister
VO: was typing. You have successfully passed your interview. Have a good time.
Me: Thank you sir! Have a great day.


1. Be honest
2. Be confident
3. Look at VO when they are asking the questions.
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2022-05-16 19:59:01 Biometric: May 12th, Chennai (9:00 a.m)
VI: May 13th, Chennai (10:00 am)
California State University,East Bay
Course: computer science and engineering
Intake : Fall
Slot time: 10:00 am
In time: 8:45 am
Out time: 9:30 am
Counter No: 29
American Bald head
Status: Approved
VO: Hi, Good morning
Me: Hello , Good Morning
VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Gave all docs that are in my hand(DS160,SEVIS,I20 and passport)

VO: When you have completed your under-graduation?
Me: May 2020 officer

VO: after that what were you doing?
Me: Right after my graduation i got an opportunity to work in *** as DATA ENGINEER and i have been working there since july 2020

Vo:Which company come again?
Me : told

Vo:I haven't heard of that company
Me : Officer its based out in Hyderabad

Vo:Oh ok,checking on system

Vo : What exactly you do in your job?
Me: Told

VO: Why do you want to leave such a nice job and go to masters?
Me: Research exposure blah blah

VO: Typing continuously

Vo: Congrats Man. Your visa is approved.
Me : Thank you officer

Vo : Have a nice stay and asked to give right hand biometric

He haven't asked anything related to course and finance
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2022-05-16 19:31:06 1st attempt
My visa experience
Location: Mumbai
Biometric: 15th may 2022
Interview: 16th May 2022
Slot time: 10:10Am
In time: 8:40 AM
Out time: 10:40 AM
Course: Mechanical engineering
Status: Approved

Counter 34:chinese man
Vo: (waved hand to me)
Hey good morning
Me: Good morning
Vo: please pass me your documents (i20 and passport only)
Me: passed
Vo: what did you study in undergrad?
Me: Btech in mechanical engineering from NIT AP

VO: what you doing since then?
Me:- I'm working as a Systems Engineer in DRDO
Vo:- Oh, wait for few minutes sir, I will get back to you
Me:- waited there for over 20 minutes and vo went inside and gave my passport to others
And in mean time he took interviews of others.
After 20 mins
Vo:- waved at me and said oh USC, how are you going to fund
Me:- I said and also included the scholarship I received.
Vo:- can you show me the scholarship letter
VO: What your father is and his annual income
Vo:- what's your specialization?
Vo:- Design in what?
Me:- prosthetics and compliant mechanisms
Vo:- Ok your place your right fingers and ur visa is approved.
Me:- Thank you.

•He is very serious and in mean time while I was waiting, I have seen mostly rejections at his counter.

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2022-05-16 19:02:02 U.S Consulate : Qatar

Biometric & VI on same day:
May 16th

University of New Haven (UNH)
Course: Civil Engineering, MS
Intake : Fall
Slot time: 10:00 am

In time: 08:30am
Out time: 10:10am

Counter No: 1 (passport & I-20 checking)
Counter No : 4 (finger print)
Counter No : 5 (VI)

VO : Young American lady..Very cool..!!

Status: Approved


Me: Good Morning officer,

VO : Good Morning,
Pass me your passport & I-20 ?

Me : Yes, here it is.

VO : What purpose your visit ?

Me : To Pursuing masters in Civil Engineering

VO : Which university ?

Me : University of New Haven

VO : Where is it ?

Me : in West haven,Connecticut
(Near to Newyork City)

VO: How long you’re in Qatar ?

Me : since 6yrs I’m in Qatar.

VO : which company you’re working ? And what is the Role ?

Me : I’m working as a civil site engineer at Talal trading & contracting Wll.

VO : Is it Construction company ?

Me : Yes officer.

VO : You have good experience, Why do you need MS ?

Me : Since, 6yrs I’m working as a civil engineer, I gained practical & technical experience, But I was lagging of Higher grade positions (like Project manager or Construction manager). If I do a master from USA , I can Enhance my management skills & my knowledge in the field of construction in-order to achieve my career goals.

VO : Are you married ?

Me : No officer, I’m single.

VO : Who is funding for your Education USD 25221 ?
(She saw on my I-20 asked).

Me : I’m Funding my self (past several yrs I’m working)..I kept some savings for my masters Degree. I have liquid balance of 50942 USD.

VO : She saw on my I-20
Deans scholarship..what is this ?

Me : It’s merit based scholarship I received from university.

VO: I’m approving your visa & please collect it passport after 3-working days.

Me : Thank you officer,
You made my day (with bigg )

VO : she is also given smile

She is an Angel (My VO)

Note : For Qatar Residents please carry QID (few check points area they will ask)
Carry Driving license
(Watch, mobile some other accessories they’ve stored one cabin area, They will ask Any other identity proof—after interview you can collect it ).

• If you Don’t have car
Don’t bring Bag

• No place for putting bag
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