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​Congratulations! (reading time – 30 sec.) it’s been two year | Critical thinking

(reading time – 30 sec.)

it’s been two years since Raid - mobile RPG burst onto the scene and completely took over mobile gaming.

Raid is the only game where you can test your critical thinking while building strategies of defeating your enemies. I have never been a huge gamer, but after the first try I really enjoyed it and will continue playing.

Raid has reached 70 million players, which is more than the number of the all citizens of UK, you see! The scale is really crazy. And why? Because Raid is an amazing game.

This month is Raid’s official 2nd Anniversary, and you are getting special reward by clicking the link and downloading the game

Download Raid for free to get your Epic Champion - Jotun, 100k Silver, 50 Germs, and the 3 Ancient Shards

Link To Download -