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I’d like to join your channel. I was referred by a friend of mine. Thank you!

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2022-06-03 20:47:09 How literally do you take the Word of God? By that, I mean, do you understand that there are forces rallying right now against your faith, family, and church? And that so-called miracle workers will arise whose persuasiveness will ensnare the unsuspecting by twisting the Scriptures?

If you believe these things are true, then it’s time to take God’s Word seriously,


According to the Bible, deceivers are already at work, but there is an even darker deception on the horizon. Jesus warned that if it were possible, their deceptive powers would carry away even the very elect of God. (Matthew 24:24)
Imagine if you combined the creativity of a Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas with the visionary boldness of someone like Bill Gates. What could these types of men produce – through their ability to dazzle, impress, and influence – if they had unlimited resources and presented their endeavor universally, decorated as religion? It would be a global Goliath, a devilish enterprise! Exactly, as the Bible says, it will happen.


Deception doesn’t arrive overnight. It comes at a gradual yet insidious pace. How can you be sure that you will not be deceived? What determines your readiness to stand against false prophets and reject their demonic manifestations, no matter how alluring and powerful?

What you believe about the Word of God makes all the difference, but you’ve got to know it to believe it. The more earnest you are in studying the Bible, the greater your capacity becomes to recognize Satan’s aberrant doctrine.

Christian, if you’re trusting Jesus for your salvation, then grab hold of the rest of Scripture in the same way – wholeheartedly and literally.


Do you belong to Jesus Christ? Have you followed Him only to experience wave after wave of trouble? Are you being tossed by fear and doubt over how it will end? Then insert your name and circumstance into this account and its eventual outcome because the same LORD is with you today.

Rest in His power alone and trust Him to take you over to the other side.

Awaiting His return,
Pastor Jack
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2022-06-03 18:23:58
But now having been set free from sin, and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness, and the end, everlasting life. - Romans 6:22

I encourage you to take time today to reflect and thank the Lord for all that He has done for you!
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2022-06-03 17:31:05 In today’s episode, Pastor Jack challenges us to clarify and confirm if we are really followers of Christ. What we think we know to be acceptable before God is not always what God Himself declares to be

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2022-06-03 03:49:08

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2022-06-02 16:28:52 Jack Hibbs interviews the Congressional candidate for California’s 49th district, Josiah O’Neil. What’s it going to take to turn this state and country around? The churches have to wake up! We as Christians must take back our God-given mandate to steward government. Christian . . . will you surrender your voice or stand?
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2022-06-01 23:44:10
We've had a wonderful day recording our upcoming video content, podcasts, radio programs, etc. I am excited about what we have coming!
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2022-06-01 16:33:41
Discipline is a word that can sound a little intimidating, but let’s remember that the root word is disciple, and we as Christians are called to be genuine disciples of Jesus. That means we should be looking closely at the disciplines that will make us more like Him.

We’re sending copies of this book to everyone who gives to the ministry of Real Life this month, but if you want to receive it in time for Father’s Day, you will have to act soon.

Available for your gift of any amount:
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2022-05-31 17:45:25 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his work.” - Revelation 22:12

What incentive this is to do good! It all begins with the exhortation behold. We are to be looking and waiting for the Lord’s soon return. Our hearts are to be plugged into heaven, and our eyes are scanning world events as they relate to Scripture.

He adds the next bit of encouragement. He says that His reward is with Him. When He comes, He will be bringing with Him the literal kingdom of God. Wherever Jesus is, there abides the kingdom of God; and with that truth comes the excitement and longing within the heart of His children.

How great it is to realize that Jesus’ appearance is closer now than ever before!

But note the most crucial feature of this verse: I come quickly. The word quickly means that once you begin to see the end-time events unfolding, His coming will happen very suddenly. So with that in mind, are you ready to meet Jesus today should the trumpet blast call us home? Are you waiting for a sign?

You need no more sign than to look at your soul’s distress and insecurity regarding His coming and eternity itself. As a pastor, and a friend, I urge you to choose Jesus Christ today as your Lord and Savior and finally begin to live the life that God desires you to live.
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2022-05-30 18:56:11

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2022-05-30 18:02:59
LEST WE FORGET. We remember our fallen brave men & women today and every day who died defending our freedom. We remember that their families and loved ones share in that sacrifice daily. We are so thankful.
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