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Logo of telegram channel jordansather — Jordan Sather
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I'm just here for the Awakening.
Co-founder: @WeTheMedia
Owner: @ConsciousStrength
Head Shitposter: @ClickbaitExpose
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2024-01-23 03:38:30 Did Alex Soros Call An ASSASSINATION THREAT For Trump?

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2024-01-23 01:53:23
Community Notes trying to debunk that Alex Soros photo.

“It was a stock photo from the 50s, so it wasn’t a cryptic message!”

Big L for Notes
18.9K views22:53
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2024-01-23 01:08:43
Trump ReTruth

*Trusting the plan intensifies*
21.1K views22:08
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2024-01-22 20:43:24
Sometimes Tim Pool says the dumbest shit. From a recent podcast of his:

He claims “pizza” references in Podesta’s emails are for drugs, not pedophilia.

Pool: “One day, for no reason, someone on 4chan posts that pizza means boy and pasta means girl…. it’s fabricated, no evidence this is true”.

Tim is 1000% wrong. The idea that pizza is a pedo code word came from a FBI memo in 2007. And we’ve had numerous arrests in recent years where LEOs admit that the pedophiles were using pizza as a code word.

Plenty of evidence it’s true. Don’t be so confident when you’re wrong, Tim.
27.3K views17:43
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2024-01-22 20:22:18
So Stew Peter’s producer Lauren makes a GiveSendGo page to crowdfund Dom Lucre’s “investigation of the New York Tunnels”, raises $10K to fund his trip and some film to go with it

As soon as Dom gets to New York, he’s all buddy buddy and dancing with the people he’s supposedly investigating for alleged trafficking (and posting photos of himself going through nothingburger tunnels in New York for his DEVELOPING investigation)

What’s going on with this guy?
34.9K views17:22
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2024-01-22 17:52:21 117 encrypted files deleted by Jan 6th Committee

They’ve got nothing to hide, it was TOTALLY a legitimate insurrection
41.1K views14:52
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2024-01-22 06:50:29 Media Matters article headline tomorrow morning: “CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRiStS claim AlEx SoRoS is threatening to murder Trump!”
13.2K views03:50
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2024-01-22 06:47:53
Alex Soros calling for a hit on Trump?

Bullet hole. $47.

Is this what they were planning behind closed doors at the WEF meetings?
36.2K views03:47
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2024-01-22 04:20:36 Nikki Haley is what you get when you order Hillary Clinton from
12.9K views01:20
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2024-01-18 07:24:21 Notice how Alex Jones never has any legitimate, OG Q researchers on his show to discuss the subject

He just brings randos on, who don't know much about it, and then Jones rants his B.S. about it

Jones been butthurt about Q for 6 years now. Pretty hilarious how upset he still is over it
16.2K views04:24
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