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Line Stickers

Logo of telegram channel line_stickers — Line Stickers L
Logo of telegram channel line_stickers — Line Stickers
Channel address: @line_stickers
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Language: English
Subscribers: 50.46K
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High definition stickers from
Thanks for using our packs!
Animated: @line_ani
Line Emojis: @line_emoji
For requests:

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2021-10-28 07:22:17 I'm not dead, but I have neither the mood nor the time to work on sticker packs. Sorry, I can't advice any others channels with line stickers since they don't put enough quality in their packs. I will make new packs ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.
9.9K views04:22
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2021-08-04 21:28:34 Kinako (Osakana Neko)
12.6K views18:28
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2021-05-16 09:54:45 Phantom Rose
14.7K views06:54
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2021-03-17 07:25:17
First guy banned in this channel.
Stickerpack stealing is bad thing if you put zero effort on them and claiming it's yours.

P.S. He stealing not only from this channel, but from original creators on telegram too.

Non-english messages will be deleted
82.2K viewsedited  04:25
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2021-01-01 10:02:02 Happy new year
442.8K views07:02
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2020-10-26 19:53:05 ELISIA BEST CUTE MOMENTS
497.2K views16:53
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2020-10-24 22:17:22 Hi. Please follow our rules when you comment our posts or leave messages in our chat. Thank you.
475.7K views19:17
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2020-10-21 12:12:23
422.2K views09:12
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2020-10-21 12:08:49 Hello! We are not dead, just busy with real life problems.
We will upload new sticker packs as soon as they are ready. Thank you for understanding.
157.0K views09:08
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2020-10-02 10:04:07 Hi! Forgive us for the lack of updates lately, but we will upload new sticker packs as soon as they are ready. Thank you for understanding.
174.6K views07:04
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2020-08-23 16:37:00 twin tails girls
207.0K views13:37
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2020-08-23 15:33:22 Touhou Project Engraved Book
192.2K views12:33
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2020-08-16 16:52:01 HATSUNE MIKU Pom Ver.
179.9K views13:52
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2020-08-16 16:38:05 «YURU-YURI» was updated, added 40 more stickers
164.2K views13:38
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2020-08-08 19:00:35 We have updated our sticker editors for requests, now you can use emoji v12.1. see:
166.5K viewsedited  16:00
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2020-08-02 14:49:24 Nemechan and chicken
167.3K views11:49
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