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2024-01-13 17:38:41
Advanced Laravel

Author: Shruti Balasa
Level: Advanced

Duration: 3h 14m

Learn about advanced eloquent features, complex queries, and scheduling tasks in Laravel, as well as sending notifications and creating jobs and queues.

Topics: Laravel

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2024-01-05 13:40:13 AI Challenges and Opportunities for Leadership

17.2K views10:40
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2024-01-05 13:40:12 Full description

If youre an organizational leader or senior executive, youve probably been thinking about the future of AI. What will its impact ultimately be? How will AI affect your workforce and organization? This course prepares you to navigate the most important opportunities and challenges presented by AI, particularly its effects on decision-making, strategic planning, and business leadership.Join Conor Grennan, New York Times best-selling author and dean of students at the New York University Stern School of Business, as he explores what you can do as a leader to respond to the perils and promises of AI., including strategies to address structural considerations, employee retention and development, performance management, and team effectiveness. Along the way, Conor offers practical insights on making better decisions for your teams, leveraging the power of AI to differentiate your business and spur innovation over time.
16.5K views10:40
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2024-01-05 13:40:11
AI Challenges and Opportunities for Leadership

Author: Conor Grennan
Level: Advanced

Duration: 39m

Prepare for the most important challenges and opportunities presented by AI, in this course designed uniquely for organizational business leaders.

Topics: Organizational Leadership, Artificial Intelligence for Business

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13.5K views10:40
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2024-01-03 16:58:39 Exercice Files
14.9K views13:58
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2024-01-03 16:58:39 Algorithmic Trading and Stocks Essential Training

14.6K views13:58
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2024-01-03 16:58:38 Full description

Many stock market trades are conducted with algorithms, computer programs that buy or sell stocks according to mathematical formulas. These equity trades happen at a speed and frequency that humans cannot replicate. It's important for finance professionals and everyone who invests in the stock market to know how these algorithms work. In this course, Professor Michael McDonald shows how to develop a back-tested, rules-based trading strategy and program a simple trading algorithm of your own. Professor McDonald goes over the basics of securities markets, from stocks, bonds, and derivatives to predicting values with regressions. He explains investing and securities, including case studies and a chance to visually examine trading relationships. He shares the steps to build your own algorithms, then goes over buying and selling with an algorithm, expanding the algorithm to other securities, and analyzing scenarios in investing. Plus, Professor McDonald covers practical examples of trading with algorithms.
14.6K views13:58
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2024-01-01 22:47:41
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2024-01-01 14:33:48 Monetization Tips for Creators

14.6K views11:33
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2024-01-01 14:33:47 Full description

You may love creating content, but how can you leverage your content into a reliable source of income? In this course, digital marketing consultant and instructor Sam Dey guides you through practical tips to generate revenue as a creator. Learn what adshare revenue is and how it works. Go over adshare platforms, pros and cons of the revenue share model, and ways to increase your revenue share. Find out how affiliate marketing works, as well as what affiliate programs are available, how to promote affiliate links, and how to create your own affiliate program. Explore ways you can sell products through print on demand, publishing an ebook, creating online courses, or creating an ecommerce website. Plus, dive into techniques you can use to attract sponsorships.
14.5K views11:33
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