A few morning reflections.

In your life on Earth, have you ever personally met any individual who was perfect? I have not.

Do you condemn or criticize the imperfections of others? Do you feel superior to others because you believe your imperfections are not as bad as the imperfections of others? Do you judge your friends and family because you believe you are right and they are wrong? Do you cast stones at others and brand them with accusations in order to convince others that you are right and they are wrong?

Are you able to face the truth and honestly answer these questions about yourself?

Do we want a society that is constantly at war with its fellow citizens because its members have different imperfections and different beliefs? Sounds like chaos and constant warfare to me because we are ALL different. We ALL have different beliefs. We are ALL imperfect.

How do we resolve our differences and turn chaos into order?

Keep reading for some suggestions to consider.