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2021-02-14 03:06:39 You may know that I am the CEO of a Texas 501(c)(4) foundation, #FightBack.

Since I formed the foundation, #FightBack has raised money for the bail for Kyle Rittenhouse and a portion of his criminal defense costs. #FightBack also made a donation to help #WalkAway Campaign and Carter Paige. #FightBack has also donated to efforts to investigate election fraud, including paying attorney’s fees to an outside law firm (Ray Smith who represented me in the 2 GA election fraud cases I filed as plaintiff), investigators, IT experts, administrative costs, and security costs.

#FightBack maintains meticulous financial records and no member of the Board has received a dime for their efforts.

I have not received any money for my time working the past several months on the various projects listed above. I donated $50,000 to provide the initial funding for #FightBack. Candidly, I have not earned any money from my law practice in several months as I have been focused on the fight for our freedom.

The attack launched against me today arising out of my efforts to protect and defend the Constitution and help others will require that I engage lawyers to defend me and incur out of pocket expenses for experts, witness fees, etc. I know the costs will be substantial. The GA State Bar has very deep pockets. I also believe that other agencies are behind the GA State Bar’s efforts to destroy my reputation and deprive me of the ability to earn a livelihood and represent clients in need of my experience and knowledge, like Roslyn La Liberte and Sidney Powell.

I hate to ask others for money. But I know that the fight I face is not only for me but also for you.

Would you consider making a donation to #FightBack specifically for use in the battle against the State Bar of Georgia?

You can contribute at:

Without my involvement, the #FightBack board met this afternoon and agreed to serve as the vehicle for donations for this cause. A separate account will be established on Monday morning to maintain the funds for the GA State Bar case so that those funds will be separate from the foundation’s general funds.

More important than donations, I ask for your prayers. God bless each of you. - Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸
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2021-02-14 05:08:51 Since the GA State Bar “grievance” complaint came out of the blue today and #Fightback has not had a chance to do a drop-down box for the GA State Bar defense fund, ALL donations received today and for the next several days will ALL go to the defense of that case.

Along with ALL other issues, my defense will make public the wealth of physical, lay, and expert evidence that conclusively establishes election fraud.

Your messages inspire me.

Your donations touch my heart.

Your prayers strengthen my faith.

I will not let you down. The issues in the GA State Bar case against me represent every attack the enemy is using against ALL of us.

The GA State Bar is politically connected to the GA political power structure which is horribly corrupt as I have been revealing.

I suspect my “friends” in the Deep State want to destroy me too. I have exposed TRUTH about them too.

The enemy has ensnared itself by opening up election fraud and other false attacks against me simply because I am a Trump supporter and a truth-giver.

The reputation the enemy is trying so hard to destroy is the reputation that will fight back and destroy the enemy.

I am ready to rumble. And when necessary, to roar. I will fight like a Flynn.

God bless you. 🙏
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2021-03-02 01:10:44 “I cannot think of a better person to lead the fight for God, justice, and the United States Constitution than Herschel Walker. #Fightback is honored to have Herschel join the Foundation.”
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