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2021-04-23 07:20:41 The members of the South Carolina Republican Party will decide on May 15 whether they want a change in leadership of the party or whether they are just fine with business as usual for another 2 years.

The SCGOP belongs to the members - the People.

As a candidate for Chair of the SCGOP, I only ask that the SCGOP establishment leader, Drew McKissick, give the members an election with INTEGRITY and NO cheating.

They are not entitled to more.

And they do not deserve less.

We The People will not tolerate another attempt to rig an election. That includes We The People who live in the great state of South Carolina.

Make South Carolina Better.

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2021-05-04 21:32:33 The RINO Republican establishment in Georgia is cheating to stay in power against the will of the Pro-Trump Patriots of the GAGOP.

Sound familiar, South Carolina?

Let’s send Drew McKissick a strong message:

The S.C Whackodoodlers SHALL not allow The McKissick/Graham Cabal to cheat in South Carolina.
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2021-05-11 00:44:27 Wow! The ferocity of the attacks being lodged against me today by Michael “Davy Crockett” LaPierre are so false and misleading one would almost think that “Davy” LaPierre made a deal of some type with Drew (Martin Andrew) McKissick.

“Davy” LaPierre sure did jump in late to the campaign for Chair of the SCGOP, didn’t he?

Is “Davy” LaPierre in it to win it or to help Martin Andrew McKissick win it?

Establishment politics sure is a dirty business, isn’t it?

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2021-05-14 03:59:47 Unlike Drew McKissick, I have made myself available to answer as many questions as I possibly can from SCGOP delegates and members.

My efforts have been hampered by the refusal of the SCGOP to provide me with the email addresses of the delegates and alternates. All the while, McKissick is sending the delegates and alternates several emails daily.

Does the SCGOP really want a Chair that plays by a set of rules which heavily favors the incumbent RINO establishment and suppresses the free speech of the challenger?

Does the SCGOP want a Chair who treats members and candidates for office fairly?

McKissick does not.

I will.

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2021-05-14 06:01:08 ATTENTION WHACKADOODLES!!!

Let’s celebrate a GREAT effort to take back the SCGOP for the People!

A Win With Lin post-SCGOP Convention Party at Cotton Hall on Saturday, May 15 beginning at 4:00 p.m.

Lowcountry feast, music, dancing!

Drew McKissick had beers with the Chair of the Democratic Party.

Come have a beer with Republican Lin (I will have a Dr. Pepper or two myself!)

Address: 200 Cotton Hall Road, Yemassee, SC 29945.

RSVP at [email protected] by Noon on Saturday.

All NON-RINO Republicans Welcome.

Bring and/or wear your MAGA/Trump outfits!

See you Saturday!

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2021-05-15 16:37:07 To my Patriot friends in the beautiful state of South Carolina, this morning you have the honor of voting for my dear friend and one of the strongest Patriots I know…LIN WOOD for your GOP Chair!

What would I give to have him as my Georgia GOP Chair!

God has gifted you the best! What a blessing!

I cannot wait to see what Lin Wood does for the SC GOP, which will definitely be a model for ALL of the USA 🇺🇸

God bless SC, God bless Lin Wood, and God bless the USA!

#Taylor2022 #taylor4governor #moralityovermoney #GeorgiaAudit
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