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Speak TRUTH. Every lie will be revealed. Be fearless.

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2021-06-18 06:50:19 Oh, I also asked the WaPo reporter why Joey “Bribes” Biden was sworn in several minutes before 12:01 p.m. as I watched the “live” inauguration “ceremony” on TV on January 20, 2021.

The reporter asked what I was suggesting.

I told her I was not suggesting anything. I was just asking a question.

The free press is supposed to investigate and provide the public with information on government. Not vice versa.

I do not believe we have had a free press in decades.
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2021-06-18 06:43:56 I had a pleasant conversation today with a reporter from the Washington Post. She called inquiring about my position on forensic audits. I told her that in my opinion, forensic audits of November 2020 should be undertaken in every state.

While I had her on the phone, I asked if she knew why the federal government buildings in Washington, D.C. were empty. She responded that D.C. did look like a Ghost Town.

I pointed out to her that the primary function of a free press was to serve as a watchdog over government so perhaps she could get answers for the public on why D.C. is essentially at a standstill.

She said she assumed everyone was telecommuting.


Okay. WaPo has weighed in. Everyone go back to sleep. Nothing unusual going on in the country.
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2021-06-18 06:28:35
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2021-06-18 06:28:10 I gave up alcohol almost 9 years ago. But if I was going to have a beer with someone tomorrow after a deposition upon cross-examination, I would much prefer it be with Ghost Jonathan. But I prefer to cross-examine Jonathan. That is why Jonathan will send his ghost. He has seen me shred too many witnesses. Not a pretty sight.
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2021-06-18 06:14:04
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2021-06-18 06:13:47 Hey, Deb! Marlan Wilbanks is a great lawyer. He had a super sidekick with Ty Bridges. We fought some memorable battles for brave whistleblowers in the Halifax and DaVita cases.

Of course, you were the rock star who made Marlan and Ty great!

Enjoy Tampa. Hope to see you soon. God bless you. - Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸
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2021-06-18 06:07:12
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2021-06-18 06:06:53 Thank you Iowa Mama Bears! Sorry I could not be in Tampa. I am in Georgia doing battle with Ghost Nicole, Ghost Jonathan, and Ghost Taylor! Their spirits are fading every day. On the other hand, you lift my spirits! God bless you! - Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸
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2021-06-18 05:56:20
Syke... LFG.... Lin Wood. I aint sleeping until u share this again. Folks out here struggling with “the plan”.
Every 10 minutes. If u hear us. U will share this again. God Bless u Sir. LFG. On the clock.
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2021-06-18 05:56:20 This one is for you, Savage! 😎
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2021-06-18 03:46:16
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2021-06-18 03:31:32 I spoke with Mark McCloskey this evening. Mark said he entered a guilty plea to the one Class C misdemeanor because the statute correctly described his intent at the time of the incident at his home. $750 fine and all other charges dropped.
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2021-06-18 03:06:06 The Georgia November 2020 was unlawful and fraudulent. So was the Senate runoff in January 2021.

Oh no! Now the propaganda media will brand me a delusional conspiracy theorist and the State Bar of Georgia will try to discipline me.

I better learn to keep my mouth shut to prevent TRUTH from coming out of it or I am going to get in trouble!

Nah! I prefer to be fearless and keep speaking TRUTH.

Is that okay with you?

P.S. President Trump won re-election by a historic landslide. Just sayin.’
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