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Nicegram Update v 1.1.1

Hey, Nicegrammers - the Nicest People all over the world!
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We’re excited to announce that the long-awaited version of Nicegram that supports the latest Telegram updates is finally available for installation!

Moreover, there are a lot of new features added and improvements made , so hurry up to update the app and enjoy!

Nicegram Assistant
Since we like the simplicity of Telegram as much as you do and don’t want to make its interface look complicated and overloaded (as our competitors do ), we’ve designed an easy-to-use Nicegram virtual Assistant, where all integrations and features made by our developers will be placed.

You can always call the Assistant by tapping on the N icon at the top right on the «Chats» screen. Having been implemented in the “Layer 2 for Telegram” format, Nicegram Assistant saves the original look of everyone's favorite messenger!

With the help of the Assistant you can:
ESIM Plus is here! Get mobile data for 133 countries with only one eSIM right in Nicegram. Every eSIM profile is packed with Estonian phone number which can be used for Telegram account registration
Quickly reach out to Nicegram Official Channel & Group;
Contact our caring Support Team and get an assistance with whatever problem you have;

@ MentionALL Feature
Quickly inform all group or channel members and make sure everyone will read your message

Speech2Text” Feature
Now there’s no need for you to listen to voice messages.
"Speech2 Text" does it for you and shows you the transcribed text of the message. It’s super convenient and time-saving, and you miss a lot if you don’t have it yet!

Message Forwarding & Saving
As a Nicegram user you can forward and save messages from Telegram Channels and Groups where it’s not allowed.
Available for iOS users


Sensitive Content Download
Download any sensitive content you like from any 18+ Telegram Groups & Channels to your Phone Gallery without restrictions!
Available for Android and iOS users

SHORTCUT for “Unblock Content” Feature
You may find the guide on how to unblock sensitive content right in Nicegram settings - just a few taps and you can view everything you want in any 18+ Telegram Groups & Channels

Hide Reactions” Feature
Focus only on the essence of the message without distracting yourself

Select All Messages from the User”
We remember that you voted for the option to delete all YOUR messages from the chats. So, here it is! Select up to 140 messages at a time in one tap and do whatever you want with them (copy, delete, or forward)

Download Videos to Gallery
Auto download all loaded videos from Telegram to your Gallery. This feature can be easily configured in Nicegram settings

That’s it
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Your Nicegram Development Team
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