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2022-09-16 18:47:35
81) A term child is brought with complaints of having jaundice on day 3 of life. How much should be the minimum level to cause jaundice?
Anonymous Quiz
a. 5 mg%
b. 10 mg%
c. 15 mg%
d. 20 mg%
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2022-09-13 16:40:00 80)Explanation

• Breathing difficulty in children when lying down is a condition in which a child has trouble catching his or her breath or breathing normally when lying down.
Breathing difficulty in children when lying down (pediatric orthopnea) includes:
ƒ Airway obstruction e.g., foreign object
ƒ Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
ƒ Cystic fibrosis
ƒ Corpulmonale ƒ
Heart failure Baby feels better when held against shoulders.
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2022-09-12 16:30:31
80) A mother complains that baby is more comfortable and breathes better when held against shoulder. What important clinical problem do you suspect?
Anonymous Quiz
a. Nose block
b. Psychological anxiety or insecurity
c. Aerophagy with abdominal fullness
d. Orthopnea
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2022-09-09 07:30:00 79) Explanation

Early manifestations of congenital infection vary and involve multiple organ systems.
• About 60% of infants born with congenital syphilis are asymptomatic at birth.
• Symptoms develop within the first 2 months of life. In symptomatic infants, the most common physical finding, seen in 100% of cases, is hepatomegaly.
• The other common findings are skeletal abnormalities, rash, and generalized lymphadenopathy.
• Radiographic abnormalities, periostitis or osteitis, involve multiple bones. Sometimes, the lesion is painful and an infant will favor an extremity (pseudopalsy).
• The rash is maculopapular and may involve palms and soles. In contrast to acquired syphilis, a vesicular rash and bullae may develop. These lesions are also highly contagious.
• Mucosal involvement may present as rhinitis (“snuffles”). Nasal secretions are highly contagious.
• Hematological abnormalities include anemia and thrombocytopenia. Late-onset congenital syphilis (diagnosed >2 y) Manifestations include neurosyphilis and involvement of the teeth, bones, eyes, and the eighth cranial nerve, as follows:
1. Bone involvement - Saber shins, saddle nose
2. Teeth involvement - Notched, peg-shaped incisors (Hutchinson teeth)
3. Pigmentary involvement - Linear scars (rhagades) at the corners of the mouth
4. Interstitial keratitis - Presents in the first or second decade of life
5. Sensory-neural hearing loss (eighth cranial nerve deafness)
6. Classic Hutchinson triad - (1) defective incisors, (2) interstitial keratitis, (3) eighth cranial nerve deafness
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2022-09-08 07:30:00
Anonymous Quiz
a. Neonatal pemphigus
b. Scabies
c. Congenital syphilis
d. Congenital HIV infection
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2022-09-08 07:30:00 79) A 28-year-old woman gave birth to a small for age newborn at 38 weeks of pregnancy. On examination, the newborn was found to have rhinitis, distended abdomen; wrinkled skin, and palmoplantar blisters. The woman had an earlier history of abortion and stillbirth. The most likely diagnosis is:
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2022-09-05 07:31:07 78) Explanation

Ans. is 'b' i.e., Behaviour therapy
This child has -+
i) Restlessness
ii) ii) Inattentiveness
iii) iii) Uncontrolled desire to play outside
All are features of attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder.
1)Psychosocial treatment
The child and parents should be educated with regard to the ways in which ADHD can affect learning, behaviour
Goals should be set for the family to improve the child interpersonal relationships, develop study skills, and decrease disruptive behaviors.
2. Behavior therapy
The goal of behavior therapy is to identify targeted behaviors that cause impairment in child’s life so that child can work on progressively improving his or her skill in these area.
3. Medications The drugs used for ADHD are -+ i) Methylphenidate (Doc) ii) Amphetamines iii) Atomoxetine
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2022-09-04 15:28:14 INICET , NEET PG , JIPMER , NIMHANS , FMGE Previous year papers
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2022-09-04 07:30:48
78) A 10 year old child is always restless, inattentive to study and always wants to play outsite. Farents are extremely distressed. What would you adivise:
Anonymous Quiz
a) It is a normal behaviour
b) Behaviour therapy
c) It is a serious illness requires medical treatment
d) Needs change in environment
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2022-08-31 11:16:01 77) Explanation

The clinical scenario describes a classic presentation of RMSF (infection with R. rickettsii). Typical symptoms include a summertime fever, headache, petechial rash, thrombocytopenia, and hyponatremia. This may be mistaken for a systemic enteroviral infection, or enteroviral encephalitis, but the presence of thrombocytopenia and hyponatremia would exclude this diagnosis. Still disease (systemic-onset JRA) would have an elevation of acute-phase reactants, including the WBC and platelet count. Fourteen years old is an unlikely age for Kawasaki disease, and the acute phase reactants would likewise also be elevated. RMSF is a very serious infectious illness. Appropriate antimicrobial therapy, usually doxycycline, needs to be started as soon as the diagnosis is seriously considered, as this can prevent some of the more severe sequelae. The use of systemic corticosteroids has no place in the management of RMSF. Confirmation of RMSF is serologic. Rising IgG titers or the presence of IgM titers to R. rickettsii is a confirmation of RMSF.
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