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Sir Oswald Mosley of Ancoats, 2nd Baronet 1785 1871

British politician and writer,_2nd_Baronet,_of_Ancoats



Deb 22 May 1833

said, that if the Bill now before the House were permitted to pass into a law, the Legislature would no longer deserve the name of Christians. He should oppose the measure for the removal of the disabilities of Jews, whose case bore no analogy, as had been argued, to that of Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholics though many errors might have crept into their Church, were Christians, and he believed, that among them there were as many pious and conscientious communicants as belonged to any other Christian body or sect

In short, he for one hoped never to see such a Bill carried,
for he thought such an event would open the Hood-gates of ultra-toleration upon the Legislature of the land
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