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PTG Projects

Logo of telegram channel ptgprojects — PTG Projects P
Logo of telegram channel ptgprojects — PTG Projects
Channel address: @ptgprojects
Categories: Animals , Automobiles
Language: English
Subscribers: 18.68K
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2021-04-08 08:49:11 I talked to the CEO of the hosting provider yesterday, it should be fixed in a few days time.
I am working on a few other things by then, let's hope everything goes well.
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2021-04-03 13:50:47 All of the bots are down due to an issue with my hosting provider. I am working hard to bring them all back
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2021-03-31 14:23:00 I wrote a small article describing why I believe that Telegram is the communication tool for the future
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2021-03-05 20:09:27 Watch How to use @FileStreamingHelpBot to get premium membership

✓ Indian users can use debit/credit cards, NetBanking and UPI
✓ For users outside India, you can only use PayPal

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2021-03-05 17:56:51 How to get PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP:
1. Message @FileStreamingHelpBot
2. Select your country and pay using the payment link.
3. You will receive a confirmation message from the bot after payment, then you will be added to the new bot.

Watch video:

Message @some1some1 for any support. Message in support group (@PublicLinkBotUpdates) for any questions.

Go to
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2021-03-05 17:56:36 Hey everyone!
An interesting new update for you!

Now you can get premium membership of @FileStreamingBot at a very low cost!

1. Ultra high speed
2. No ads at all
3. Unlimited file downloads
4. Faster response

You will be added to a brand new bot. One bot can only be used by 10 members, so you will never face any downtime!

Read this post to learn how to get it:
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2021-02-11 17:09:34 As you all know that I updated the servers of @FileStreamingBot and @PublicDownloadLinkBot on 7th January 2021, the download speed of the bots has increased to a great extent.
I would like to get your feedback on the bot. Please fill this form to help me improve the bots for you :)
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2021-02-10 19:21:40 People who have @FileStreamingBot or @PublicDownloadLinkBot in their channels may not be getting download buttons on their media files. This is a known issue and I will fix it ASAP

Update (11 Feb 2021): I am not going to fix this for a while due to a recent news about Telegram. Will wait for updates
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